UIDAI’S New feature Without a document You Can Get your Aadhaar card

By | December 5, 2019

UIDAI’S New feature Without a document You Can Get your Aadhaar card : Aadhaar card is an important document that everyone needs to have. The importance of Aadhaar card has now increased. Without it many of your work can be stuck. Documents like identity card and address proof are required to create Aadhaar card. But now Aadhaar card can be made without any document. You can get the help of an Introducer present at the Support Center. Let us show you how Aadhaar card can be made without a document.


In case you do not have any documentary proof, you can now update your address details in Aadhaar. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) announced today that you can still update your current address in your Aadhaar even if you don’t have any documentary proof of address (PoA) in your name. “This can be done with the help of an Address Verifier and by sending an online request for an Address Validation Letter,” the UIDAI press release stated.

Who can be your Address Verifier?
An Address Verifier can be a family member, relative, friends, landlord who is willing to let you use their address as proof. The address can only be updated, if you meet the following requirements:

  • Both resident and Address Verifier are required to have their mobile numbers registered in their respective Aadhaar.
  • Both resident and Address Verifier will be required to get authenticated via One-Time-Password (OTP)
  • The Address Verifier must be willing to give his/her consent allowing the Resident to use his/her address to be updated in resident’s Aadhaar.

Go to the UIDAI website, and follow the steps mentioned there. Under the ‘My Aadhaar’ tab select the ‘Request Aadhaar Validation Letter’.

Here are the steps you need to follow to update address in your Aadhaar if you don’t have any documentary proof:

Get help from an Introducer

UIDAI facilitates the creation of documents without documentation. An Introducer is a person who is authorized by the Registrar to verify such residents who do not have PoI or PoA. An Introducer must have Aadhaar card and it is mandatory for any applicant to be present at the registration center.

3 months validity

The Introducer is required to confirm the applicant’s identity and address. He has to sign the enrollment form for this. According to the circular issued by UIDAI, the certificate is to be issued in the name of the applicant for the Introducer. Its validity is 3 months.

Support can be made by HoF

You can apply for support even if you do not have an identity card or address proof. For this, his name should be in a family document such as a ration card. In this case it is necessary that the head of the family is first supported by PoI and PoA document. After that, the head of the family can become the Introducer of other family members.

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