You will get a benefit of Rs 30 lakh Insurance cover on an LPG cylinder

By | November 22, 2020

Insurance cover can now be carried on an LPG cylinder! You will get a benefit of Rs 30 lakh

The country’s largest population now uses LPG for cooking. There is always a risk of an accident if the LPG cylinder is not used with caution. An accident caused by an LPG cylinder can cause family members to be injured or even killed. At the same time, there is a risk of damage to home property. It is also important to know in advance about an insurance cover for LPG cylinders. So that it will be easier to face such an unforeseen situation in the future.

Insurance cover may come in handy
This insurance cover can come in handy in the event of injury, death or damage to home property caused by a gas cylinder explosion. Oil marketing companies and dealers offer this type of LPG gas insurance policy, which is similar to group insurance cover.
Relieve the affected people soon
Oil marketing companies like Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited take out a comprehensive insurance policy. This policy provides quick relief to those affected in the event of an accident involving LPG. All registered customers get cover from these companies.

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What is involved in policy coverage

Oil marketing companies that take out public liability insurance policies. It covers the damage caused by an accident in the insurance policy. Where LPG is the primary cause of fire. It is important to note that the benefits of this insurance cover will not be available in situations where the primary cause of the fire is another source. The Rajya Sabha has been informed about this insurance cover in July 2019 by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Medical expenses cover will be Rs 30 lakh

It said that in case of death, accident cover of Rs 6 lakh per person will be given. Medical expenses cover will be Rs 30 lakh. It will get a maximum of Rs 2 lakh per person. In case of loss of home property, the customer’s registered home will get a maximum cover of Rs 2 lakh per case.

What is a claim process?
It should be noted that the insurance policy taken by this government oil marketing covers all registered customers. In the event of such an accident, the person should immediately inform the distributor in writing. The distributor will again inform the oil company and the insurance company. The formalities of the insurance claim will then be completed due to a related accident from the oil company.

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