Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana

By | October 2, 2023

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Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat runs several schemes for the benefit of farmers. Gujarat Government Schemes For Farmers like Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana , Tractor Assistance Yojana and subsidy on purchase of implements are also given. But the government is also constantly concerned to protect the lives of farmers. With this in mind the Khedut Vima Yojana to provide insurance protection to farmers in case of accidental death or permanent disability was implemented on 26 January 1996.

Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme

The Government of Gujarat has implemented the Khedar Khedut Bima Yojana to provide life protection to the farmers. The scheme is 100% run by the state government. In this scheme, the insurance amount of all farmers in the state is paid by the state government. This Insurance Scheme is being operated under “Gujarat Collective Group Janata Accident Insurance Scheme” in the State of Gujarat from 01/04/2008 onwards . The office of the Director of Insurance is located at Gandhinagar.

Purpose of Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme

The life of farmers is a struggle. If there is an accidental death during day and night work in the field, a sudden tragic situation is created on his family. Financial assistance is provided by the state government to assist in such a tragic situation. In case of death or permanent disability of the resident farmer, his heirs are given direct financial assistance under the group insurance scheme.

Important Point of Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana

Name of the scheme Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana
Language Gujarati and English
objective Direct financial assistance to heirs of farmers in cases of accidental death and permanent disability
Beneficiary To the farmers of Gujarat
Amount of assistance Sum Assured up to 2 lakhs in case of death
Valid website
How to Apply The application form should be filled and
deposited in the concerned district agriculture office within 150 days of the farmer’s death

Who can benefit from Khedut Akasmar Yojana?

The rules and eligibility are set by Juth Vima Yojana to avail this scheme , which are as follows.

  • All individual or joint holdings of land in Gujarat shall be available to the heirs of the tenant farmers.
  • The child (son/daughter) of the resident farmer will be eligible.
  • In case of accidental death or permanent disability of husband or wife of resident farmer, the benefit of this scheme is available.
  • The benefit of this scheme is available to the heirs of the tenant farmers who are between 5 years to 70 years of

New Norms of Farmer Accident Assistance

The new amendment resolution dated 13/11/2018 by Krushi ane Kalyan Sahkar Vibhag of Gujarat makes the following insurance assistance available to the beneficiary.

  • 100% contribution upto Rs 2.00 lakh in case of accidental death or permanent total disability of resident farmer.
  • If a farmer loses a limb due to an accident, he will get assistance. In which two eyes, two limbs, hands and feet and in case of loss of one eye and one limb, 100% article will get Rs 2.00 lakh.
  • 100% complete loss of vision in case of eye, above wrist in case of hand and above knee amputation in case of leg will be eligible for Rs 2.00 lakh assistance under this scheme.
  • In case of loss of an eye or a limb due to an accident of a tenant farmer, 50% of the article will be Rs.1.00 lakhs.

Khedut Akasmat Vima Yojana Form pdf

The Accident Assistance Yojana pdf and Group Insurance Yojana form has been released by the office and website of the Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Gujarat . One can avail this death assistance scheme at the time of Khedut Akasmat by studying the Government resolutions and circulars. It and Farmers Accident Insurance Scheme form pdf amended by the Finance Department of Gujarat Government in various resolutions can be downloaded from the button below.

juth vima yojana gujarat GR | juth vima form pdf | Gujarat Samuhik Juth Akasmat Vima Yojana | Department of Agriculture and Cooperation. juth vima yojana online | juth vima form pdf
Government Official GR (Juth Vima Yojana GR)
  • Resolution regarding consolidation of group accident insurance schemes operated by various accounts. Dated- 25-06-2007 New Amendment Tharav

New Amendments in Insurance Schemes 

By the resolution dated 25/06/2007 by the Finance Department of the Government of Gujarat, the running insurance schemes of different departments have been consolidated. These consolidated plans are known as group accident insurance plans. In which Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme is also included. The scheme is being implemented through Directorate of Insurance, Gandhinagar from 01/04/2008. All general resolutions have been issued on 01-04-2013 amending all the resolutions of the Finance Department.

In addition to the tenant farmer, the first surviving child (son/daughter) of the tenant farmer has been included in the tenant farmer Aksmat insurance scheme by the Government of Gujarat since 01/04/2012. And since 01/04/2016 the husband/wife of the resident farmer was also included.

The resolution dated 13/11/2018 of the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation has been amended. The assistance level is to be increased in the Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme. It has been decided to give the benefit to any child (son/daughter) of the resident farmer instead of the first surviving child. Also included are those whose receipts are attested in the revenue records by the date of accidental death or permanent disability. All such farmers will be given the benefit of this scheme.

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