New How to take advantage of “Maa” and “Maa Vaisalya” scheme and complete information about where and who can get it 2019

By | June 27, 2019
New How to take advantage of “Maa” and “Maa Vaisalya” scheme and complete information about where and who can get it 2019
Families living below the poverty line and middle class families spend most of their income behind treatment of serious diseases. That is why the families living under the poverty line and the middle classes are government-assisted to help in the treatment of severe type of diseases. Thus, for the families living under the poverty line in all the districts of the state of Gujarat, the Chief Minister will implement the scheme from July 2012, to provide financial protection against cashless treatment, a great type of medical treatment and high medical costs to the beneficiaries of severe diseases. In view of the success of the scheme, the government increased the expansion of Chief Minister Amritam (Maa) scheme in the year 2014-15 to the middle class families (maximum five persons of family) having annual income of less than 1.20 lakhs or less. For the Chief Minister, Mr. Amritam “Maa Vatsalya” scheme 15 Effective from 08/04/2014.

U.Winn card holders are also covered under this scheme since 2016.
Annual Maximum Rs. Cashless treatment up to Rs.2,00,000 / – (Annexure Rs 2 lakhs) is made available. Maximum 5 family members, family heads, wives and 3 dependents are eligible. Newborn infant is covered in this scheme as a sixth member.
Under the scheme, the beneficiaries are being treated for treatment at the hospital. 300 / – is paid.
Beneficiaries for the serious illnesses like “Ma” and “Maa Vaisalya” plan, burns (severe burns), severe heart diseases, severe kidney diseases, severe diseases of the brain, serious injuries, severe diseases of infants, cancer (cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy). A total of 628 procedures are provided for the best kind of treatment.
Under Chief Minister Amritam (Maa) scheme, all the 33 districts of Gujarat state living under poverty line (as per the list of Rural Development Department and Urban Development Department), approximately 41.50 lakh families are included.
“Under Maa Vaastalya Yojana, all 33 districts of the state will have an annual income of Rs. The middle class families with income of 1.50 lakh or less are included.

1 Super Super Spa Hospital, Ahmedabad
2 Narayan Handalalay Pvt. Ahmedabad
3 HCG Cancer Center Sola Ahmedabad
4 Body Line Hospital Ahmedabad
7 Rajasthan Hospital Ahmedabad
6 Pushpa Children Hospital Ahmedabad
7 HCG Multi Sp. Hospital Ahmedabad
8 Madelich Hospital Ahmedabad
9 GCS Medical College Ahmedabad
10 Sanjeevani Supere Sp Hospital, Ahmedabad
11 Jaydeep Hospital Ahmedabad
12 Parekh Hospital Ahmedabad
13 Krishna Shelby Hospital Ahmedabad
14 Gujarat Cancer and Research Center Ahmedabad
15 Kidney Dia And Research Center Ahmedabad
16 Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad
17 U.N. Mehta Cardiology Ahmedabad
18 Sheth VS General Hospital, Ahmedabad
19 L.G Municipal Hospital, Ahmedabad
20 Munich.Corpo.Hospital Ahmedabad
21 General Hospital Sola Ahmedabad
22 Spin Institute and Hospital, Ahmedabad
23 Krishna Hospital Anand
24 M.M. Parikh Kardi.Car Center Anand / Khambhat
25 Hanumant Hospital Bhavnagar
26 HCG Hospital Bhavnagar
27 Bhavnagar Civil Hospital, Bhavnagar
28 Gujarat Adani Hospital Bhuj
29 Staling Ramkrishna Hospital, Gandhinagar
30 GOENKA Hospital Gandhinagar
31 GMERS Medical College Hospital, Gandhinagar
32 Guru Gobind Singh General Hospital Jamnagar
33 Swaroop Swami Multi Hospital Kalol
34 DDMM Card Institute Kheda
35 AIMS Hospital Kutch
36 Bala Cancer Hospital Navsari
37 Orange Hospital Navsari
38 YESA Super Spa Hospital Navsari
39 Yashkina Hospital Navsari
40 Govt. Multi Spa Hospital, Palanpur
41 Patan Janata Hospital Patan
42 GMERS Medical College Hospital Patan
43 Sting and Life India Limited Rajkot
44 BT Savani Kidney Hospital, Rajkot
45 Shri Sai Sai Heart Hospital Rajkot
46 Krishna Multi Spas. Hospital Rajkot
47 NP Cancer Hospital Rajkot
48 Unicay Hospital Rajkot
49 H J Doshi Hospital Rajkot
50 Civil Hospital Rajkot
51 Medical Hospital Pvt. Banaskantha
52 India Cancer Hospital Surat
53 Shri B.D. Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute Surat
54 Lord General Hospital Surat
55 PP Sawani Heart Ins and Multi Hospital Surat
56 Sita Super Special Hospital Surat
57 Life Line Hospital Surat
58 Lyons Hospital Surat
59 True Children Hospital Surat
60 Yunikere Hospital Surat
61 Wockhardt Hospital Surat
62 Surat Muni Corporation Medie College & Hospital Surat
63 Civil Hospital Surat
64 Shreeji Hospital and Trauma Center Vadodara
65 Sterling & Life India, Vadodara
66 Dhiraj Hospital & Sumnad Vidyapeeth Vadodara
67 Bankers Heart Institute Vadodara
68 Baroda Heart Institute and Research Center Vadodara
69 Muni Seva Ashram Vadodara
70 Premdas Jalaram Hospital Vadodara
71 Himalaya Cancer Hospital Vadodara
72 Anti Super Spa Hospital Vadodara
73 Parul Sevashram Hospital Vadodara
74 Rhythm Hospital Vadodara
75 Little Super Spa Hospital Vadodara
76 Metro Hospital Vadodara
77 SCHVIJK Hospital Vadodara
78 Bankers Heart and Multi Spah Hospital Vadodara
79 SSG Civil Hospital, Vadodara
80 GMERS Medical Valsad Vadodara
81 Valsad Hospital in Nadarkar
82 GMERS Hospital Valsad Valsad

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