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By | October 9, 2023

E-Challan Gujarat: E-Challan e-memo is now issued for violation of traffic rules in Gujarat. CCTV cameras are installed in many places in big cities. Based on this CCTV, an e-memo is sent home to the motorists who have violated the traffic rules. It can be seen online whether the challan of any vehicle is torn or not. E-Challan Gujarat.

Check if any vehicle challan is torn or not online | E-Challan Gujarat (How to Check E-Challan Status Online) | E-Challan Gujarat , | E-Challan Gujarat Payment Online

At present, CCTV cameras are installed everywhere in the big cities of our state. Many times people violate traffic rules unknowingly, in which case E-Challan is issued on their vehicle number. If you too have ever violated the traffic rules in the unknown, in the name of which your vehicle has a challan printed on it but you don’t know it, then there is no need to worry.

You can find out online whether a challan has been issued or a memo has been torn in any of your cars or vehicles from the comfort of your home. And if the challan is torn on your vehicle, you can also pay it online from the comfort of your home. Now let’s see in detail whether our vehicle’s challan is torn or not and stepwise information on how to make its payment.

How to Check E-Challan Gujarat Status?

  • To check the online challan of your vehicle, first of all you have to go to the official website echallan.parivahan.gov.in. You can open this website on your mobile or computer.
  • After that you have to click on Check Challan Status option.
  • There you will find another three options (Challan Number, Vehicle Number, DL Number). There you select the vehicle number option.
  • After selecting the vehicle number, enter your vehicle number in the vehicle number field, after which a captcha code will appear.
  • After this you click on Get Detail option. If you click, you will know whether any online challan has been issued in the name of your vehicle or not.
  • Apart from this you can also check the currency by entering the DL number.
  • તમારા વાહનનુ ઓનલાઇન ચલણ ચેક કરવા માટે સૌથી પહેલા પહેલા તમારે આ માટેની ઓફીસીયલ વેબસાઇટ echallan.parivahan.gov.in વેબસાઇટ પર જવાનું રહેશે. તમે આ વેબસાઇટને તમારા મોબાઇલ અથવા તો કમ્પ્યૂટર પર ઓપન કરી શકો છો.
  • ત્યારબાદ તમારે ચેક ચલણ સ્ટેટસ  (Check Challan Status) ઓપ્શન પર ક્લિક કરવાનું રહેશે.
  • ત્યાં તમને બીજા ત્રણ વિકલ્પ જોવા મળશે (ચલણ નંબર, વ્હીકલ નંબર, DL નંબર) મળશે. ત્યાં તમે વ્હીકલ નંબરવાળા ઑપ્શન સીલેકટ કરો.
  • વ્હીકલ નંબર સિલેક્ટ કર્યા બાદ વ્હીકલ નંબરવાળી જગ્યા પર તમારા વાહનનો નંબર નાખો, જે પછી એક કેપ્ચા કૉડ આવશે. આ પછી તમે ગેટ ડીટેલ (Get Detail)   ઓપ્શન પર ક્લિક કરો. તમે ક્લિક કરશો તો તમને ખબર પડશે કે તમારા ગાડીની નામે કોઇ ઓનલાઇન ચલણ ઇશ્યુ થયુ છે કે નહી. આ સિવાય તમે DL નંબર નાખીને પણ ચલણ ચેક કરી શકો છો.

Complain if wrong currency has been deducted…

If you have not violated any traffic rules and the traffic police has issued you a wrong challan, you can also file a complaint.

How to make online payment of currency?

  • If the challan of your vehicle has been issued and if you find your vehicle on the challan details on the website, you can also pay online.
  • To make online payment, you will be given the Pay Now option next to the currency. Click on it.
  • After it is processed an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • After that you will immediately reach the e-challan payment website of the respective state. After this you have to click on (Next) option.
  • After doing next a payment confirmation box will appear on your screen. Now you have to click on Proceed option. Now you can pay by selecting payment gateway.

E-Challan Contact @Echallan.Parivahan.Gov.In

  • If you have any technical problem you can contact.
  • Email: helpdesk-echallan@gov.in
  • Phone: 0120-2459171 (Timing: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the official website to check if memo of any vehicle is cracked or not?

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