Big decision for fixed payers

By | October 18, 2020

Big decision for fixed payers

The Vijay Rupani government of Gujarat has taken a big decision regarding fixed salaries. According to the decision, under the fixed salary scheme, employees who have been recruited for Class 3 and Class 4 posts and have become permanent will be able to take home a government employee who did not pass the exam at the end of pre-service training. The state finance department changed the terms of the contract in an 18-year-old resolution on Friday.

With this amendment, if a contract employee does not pass the pre-service training service taken by the government at the stage of regular appointment, decisions will be taken to dismiss him even after making it regular i.e. permanent. The government has flouted the principle of equal pay, equal pay and equal pay in the name of fixed wages.

પોતાનુ ઘર બનાવવુ હવે સસ્તું

Deputy Secretary of Finance J. B. The new resolution, signed by Patel, changes the terms of the agreement. A new model of contractual employment after recruitment under the fixed wage scheme is provided in the amendment resolution.

The sample states that a contract employee will have to pass the examination at the end of the prescribed pre-service training and training of Class-II space within the contract period or within two years after completing the five-year period. And if he does not pass the examination at the end of the pre-service training in the prescribed opportunities during this period, he (the employee) will have to consider terminating his / her service by revoking the appointment orders given in the regular pay scale at the relevant place

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