Whatsapp-Who Viewed Me? | See Who seen Your Profile In Whatsapp

By | November 12, 2019
  1. Whatsapp-Who Viewed Me? See  Who seen Your Profile In Whatsapp: The biggest question for WhatsApp users is how to find out who sees your WhatsApp profile, as there is no direct option due to the privacy policy of the app.  Although this option may be found on WhatsApp, you can find out who checked your WhatsApp.
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Third-party apps can be used to scan the details of who checked your profile on WhatsApp.  One such app is called ‘Whatsapp-Who Viewed Me?’  With this Android app, it is easy to check who has checked your profile.

You will not find this app on the Play Store, you will need to download and install the apk file.  First of all, search the app name on a browser on a smartphone and download the app file and install the app.  Now you have to tap on the scan button that appears in the middle of the screen of this app.  The app will then scan your WhatsApp contacts.

Later this app will tell you how many people today checked your WhatsApp profile.  This app is currently only available on the Android platform.  The name of this app is ‘Whatsapp-Who Viewed Me?’

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