What to do after standard 10? Very Useful

By | May 22, 2019
What to do after standard 10?
This questions answer has many alternatives. Due to this, some problem is also created to go this way or that such confusion is created. My childhood friend is taking admission in this course so I also should take admission in this course only. Such curiosity also arises but to blindly follow don’t mistake to take a decision. Whatever decision is taken has to be taken after properly thinking / understanding. All alternatives knowledge has to be taken / available alternatives have to be compared / if needed then knowledgeable – experts guidance has to be taken and your own capacity/circumstances/ pro & cons considering them you yourself will take a decision then that decision isWhat to do after standard 10? In its answer, it can be said that you have many alternatives and if you want then you can ever touch the sky. So many alternatives are there. A proverb says “Sky is the limit”. After standard 10th for the choice whole sky is open and you have like sky unlimited immeasurable possibilities and alternatives countless dreams are there with you. Then the possibility & power of making these dreams true is in your hands.

Choice Alternatives:-
If we see the various alternatives available after standard 10th then.
To avail admission in standard 11-12 Higher Secondary. Here also the science stream, common stream (commerce) answer is basic.
After standard 10 to take admission in profession-oriented diploma courses (Diploma in Accountancy, Diploma in Banking, Diploma in Home Science, etc.)
After standard 10 in technical diploma courses (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Metallurgy, Chemical, Plastic, Printing, Fabrication, Home Science, Commercial Practice, Mining, Ceramic, Textile, Manufacturing, Technology etc sectors) to take admission. These diploma courses are run by government polytechnics or self-financed colleges.
After standard 10th you have many opportunities of employment. If circumstances are such that you cannot take further education
You can study further by staying at home.
Now you only say: You have unlimited opportunities or not:
You had a roundabout view of alternative available after standard 10? Now you only say whether you have unlimited opportunities like sky. If in any sector development, growths unlimited opportunities there then we say “Sky is the limit”. Now we can say this statement regarding opportunities after standard 10.
Which stream to choose science – commerce – arts? Or any other?
As we know every year 5-6 lacs students give 10th standard exam. From that 3-4 lacs students pass this exam and their parents have to take an important decision what to do next? Because there is a possibility that these decisions marks the direction of your career. Therefore this decision has to be taken after deciding all the pros and cons.
What to do after standard 10? Main alternatives (options)
If we talk about main options after passing standard 10 then (1) To study in standard 11 & 12. (2) Diploma in engineering similarly other diplomas. (3) To study ITI’s various courses. (4) To study in technical studies various certificate courses. (5) To study in fine arts diploma course. (6) To study in agriculture rector’s university courses. (7) To study in various professional courses. (8) To further leave the studies and join business or job.

First choice Standard 11-12
What to do after standard 10 its best answer if given in one line then one should take admission in standard 11. After standard 10 for further studies mainly 2 streams are there. (1) Commerce (common) stream (2) Science stream
Study in Commerce (Common) stream:
1) By keeping subjects of arts or 2) By keeping subjects of commerce. Admission can be taken in standard 11 in common stream for standard 11 exam is taken by school and for standard 12 exam is taken by board. And you might know that in standard 11 school take exam but papers are given by board.
What to do after standard 10 ?
Standard 12 Commerce:
Standard 12 Arts and Commerce board exam giving students total number is half than students giving 12 commerce exams. This year approximately 2.5 lacs students will take admission in standard 11 commerce Passing standard 12 with commerce subject for further studies (1) B. com. (2) BBA (3) BCA (4) B.S.C. IT (5) Continuous 5 years integrated MBA and MSC TT, M.com., L.L.B. etc., studies are prevalent in Gujarat.
Standard 12 Arts:
Person passing standard 12th with arts subject there is bright future. Holding many courses. English, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Gujarati, History, Geography like them with any subjects B.A. can be done. In sector of computer and information technology there are many bachelor degree courses. Among it 12 Arts can avail admission. Many universities give admission to 12 Arts students for BBA course continuous B.A. B.ed course has been started.
Standard 12 Science:
In 10th Standard of one has got 70% or above then many have willingness to take admission in 12th science. In 10th standard if one gets 50% then also one can get admission in 11th Science. After standard 10 the no. of students taking admission in 11 sciences is decreasing. Many are curious whether they will get good marks in standard 12 board exam.
In science stream are 3 options
Group A: Physics, Chemistry – Maths. (Biology is not a sub.)
Group B: Physics, Chemistry – Biology – (Maths is not a sub.)
Group C: Physics, Chemistry – Maths. (Known as Group A, B)
Thus, the students who want to go in and those who want to go in engineering field can choose “Group A”. By choosing A/B group more labour has to be done but chances of admission in each branch are more.

Common Stream or Science:
After passing standard 10th if we keep study in standard 11 & 12 as first priority them admission is to be taken in which stream: Commerce / Science?
Question is of putting efforts. After standard 10 studies change. In arts, commerce and science there are new subjects. Whichever subjects you choose you have to put in efforts. We believe that (1) In science a lot of hard work is needed. (2) In commerce less hard work will do. (3) If Arts subject is taken then special efforts are not needed. These beliefs are wrong.
This era is an era of hard work. This is an era of computer and internet. Daily hard work should be done up till 12 hours. You see how many hours your mother does the work? Father also does how much work? Whether Business / Job a person who works for longer time comes ahead.
You can also get habituated to hard work. Before standard 11 you get 4-5 months for this. If you get used to studying for more & more hours then you may study commerce / science, you are bound to be counted as a student who will get more than 80%.
Is it good to keep Science?
In Gujarat at self financed level the number of medical, dental, engineering, pharmacy, degree colleges is increasing.

In Science College along with professional courses like Biotechnology, Microbiology opportunity of doing B.sc. is increasing. Integrated course M.Sc., (BT) (TT), Physics, etc.
Have started one gets opportunity to become officer in Air Force and Navy.
After standard 12 in major studies science students get admission.
Chart of various career courses after 10 Std & 12 Std. (Very Useful)

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