Traffic Signs and Road Safety in India, Traffic Symbols, Rules and Guidelines

By | December 8, 2019

Traffic Signs in India : We know Traffic Signs and Rules in India is most important for RTO Exam. Road safety has always been a cause of concern in India as there are a number of mishaps happening almost every day. Hence, it becomes necessary for motor vehicle drivers to understand various traffic signs to practice safe driving. Any individual who wants to drive on Indian roads should hold a driving license and be well-versed with various traffic signs and rules.

Traffic Signs and Rules in India

Driving license holder has to go through a driving license test which requires him to be familiar with traffic signs and signals. The test is conducted in written or oral form depending on the service provided by the state or city RTO.

Here is how traffic signs help a motor vehicle driver while also ensuring their safety as well as that of the pedestrians.

Traffic signs are primarily of three types

1. Mandatory traffic signs:

These signs ensure smooth movement of the traffic on the road due to which it is very important for a motor driver to understand them. These signs ensure that the drivers follow the instructions featured on it. It is important to note that the violation of these signs is prohibited by the law. Here are mandatory traffic sign images displayed below

Types of traffic signs

There are numerous traffic signs and each has its own purpose. The various traffic safety signs have been divided into three categories. They are:

    • Traffic signs that are mandatory: As the name suggests, the first category of traffic signs is mandatory signs which perform the function of ensuring the smooth operation of the traffic on the road. These traffic signs also make sure that the drivers on the road follow the instructions on it. Violation of any mandatory traffic sign is an offence punishable by law as per the Roadways and Transport department. The traffic signs images are displayed below:
Mandatory Traffic Signs
    • Traffic signs that are cautionary: A total of 40 cautionary traffic signs have been added by the Roadways and Transport department. The main function of cautionary traffic signs is to warn the driver of the potential danger on the road ahead so that the driver can take necessary action to react to the situation.
      Cautionary Traffic Signs
    • Traffic signs that provide information:Informatory traffic signs provide information to the driver via the boards. The information maybe about:
Information Traffic Signs
  1. The distance left to cover to reach a specific destination.
  2. Alternative routes to the specific destination, if any.
  3. Locations on the cautionary traffic signs are also displayed such as schools, colleges, workplaces, clubs, public places and restaurants.

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