Talati recruitment exam will be conducted in two phases

By | February 17, 2023

The government can also make major changes in the examination process along with enacting a strict law to prevent the frequent incidents of paper-bursting in Gujarat. Opinions of experts are being taken in this regard.


A bill is expected to be introduced in the next budget session to enact a strict law to prevent incidents of paper leaks. In which there will be provisions for strict action and punishment against the paper leakers and those involved in the paper leak incident. Apart from this, the recruitment process will also undergo major changes. In which the recruitment organized by the municipalities can also be organized by the state government.

Government action to prevent malpractice in recruitment exams?

Along with bringing in a new law to prevent paper leaks, the recruitment process will also be changed. In which the pattern of competitive examination may be changed. Paper leaks have been happening in minor and major examinations for the past many years, due to which the future of the youth is compromised and the image of the government is also tarnished.

A big decision can be made for class-3 exams

In which there are discussions that the government is preparing to form a single authority for the competitive examination of class-3. In which the Class-3 examination of all departments will be conducted by a single institution instead of separate institutions. In which it may be designed that suitable candidates are selected by holding an examination by a central body.
In the new consideration, there are also possibilities that the state government can take over the recruitment process carried out by the municipalities. This major decision can be taken by the state government to prevent malpractices in the recruitment process in the municipality. At present, the opinions of experts are being taken in this matter. It is expected that the government may make a big announcement in the upcoming budget session to curb malpractices in recruitment exams.

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