The author Mukesh Sojitra from whose story ‘Vithal Tidi’ became a web series

By | May 8, 2021
The author Mukesh Sojitra from whose story ‘Vithal Tidi’ became a web series
Gujarati Jalso is celebration of different Gujarati arts and culture of artisans like folk, traditional Garba – Ras, Sugam-Sangeet ,literature, theatre & food under one roof.
Gujarati Jalso is a festival representing various shades of Gujarati Culture – Folk Literature, Music, Drama and Poetry with the literary and aesthetic approach. Earlier seasons were organized in Mumbai in 2013, 2014, 2017. In 9 states of USA also it was organized in 2017. On social media, more than 10 million people have enjoyed this festival. For the first time, it is organized in Ahmedabad with a galaxy of famous artists.
The Dhollywood entourage that travelled to the US in 2019 for a film festival received a huge welcome with Gujaratis attending the film screenings in large numbers. Devang Patel, on his maiden visit to Christchurch, New Zealand for a performance was surprised to see a huge gathering at a place which is still opening up to Indian artistes. These are just a few instances that tell a clear story about how Gujarati films and contemporary music is gaining popularity, and it is this very popularity, further fuelled by social media, that’s making non-Navratri concerts popular abroad. Says Jigardan Gadhavi, “Social media is one of the key factors amounting to Gujarati artists getting non-Navratri concerts abroad. Our work is now accessible everywhere and the young audience abroad is now aware of Gujarati films, film songs and contemporary original music that various Gujarati artists are creating.” NRGs now want to go beyond Navratri celebrations and want to listen to music other than garba, the artistes feel. Jigardan adds, “When I performed in London last year, there was a huge audience in the concert, they knew most of my film songs and even my Gujarati singles got a good reception.” And most Gujarati artists back home are creating more music, be it film songs or their singles which are reaching to a wider audience through social media. “Most Gujarati musicians are creating good original content which is becoming popular amongst NRIs across the globe. Not just that, Gujarati film music is also in high demand,”
says singer Dimple Biscuitwala. She adds, “During my last performance in the US, we received a lot of requests to sing our singles and film songs. This is a new space that Gujarati artistes are more than happy to explore.

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