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By | February 8, 2024
GSEB Android App For Std 10,11,12 Students| Gujarati and English Medium for GSEB APP : This application has become very popular.  It will also be very useful.  It is very easy to use.  See the details below to get more information about this application and go to the link given below to download
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 About this application
Application name: GSEB Android Mobile App
Developer: Free APP for All, Education
  • Last year’s board paper in all 10,11,12 Science and Commerce in PDF format for download to your mobile.
  • All subjects of GSEB Std.  10 i.e. Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English (FL & SL), Gujarati (FL & SL), Sanskrit, Hindi, Computer
  • Textbook MCQ by experts as well as last year’s question paper MCQ, very short answer (VSA), long answer (LA) and MCQ.
Size: 2.8 mb
Total downloads: 500 K+
Rating: 3+
GSEB Android Apk For Std 10,11,12 Students| Gujarati and English Medium for GSEB APP
 The mobile app is becoming very popular right now.  Its use is increasing.  With it the creation of the app has also increased so much.
 Even some small similar applications are becoming so popular that its users have crossed the million mark.  The cost of such an application is in the tens of millions to billions of rupees.
 From small shops to large companies, malls, websites, news channels, TV channels as well as similar accounts, banks create and maintain their own personal applications.  Companies or banks run such applications for the convenience of their users.
 Many applications are also used for stock market trending.  So even a good application is used to make a lot of big money.
 Video Creator app for fun – Tik tok, Moj, share Chat, MX Takatak, Josh, Kili, Likely – such app has gained a lot of popularity.
 Apps for games: Many applications are used for games ranging from games for young children to adults.  Among them – Candy Crush Saga, Bubble, Shooter, Solitiere, Ludo, Pagle.
Here is one such useful application.  You can use it by downloading.  Use the link below to download.
GSEB Android Application For Std 10,11,12 Students| Gujarati and English Medium for GSEB APP

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