State Police Chief’s big announcement in gujarat.

By | April 29, 2020
State Police Chief’s big announcement regarding sale of Gutkha, Pan-Masala in Gujarat, know what he said?
 AHMEDABAD: Amid rumors that the lockdown will not be lifted completely due to the rising number of corona cases in Gujarat, the police are gearing up for strict enforcement of the lockdown.
Crowds at pan, masala and gutkha shops have also contributed to the breakdown of lockdown in Gujarat, while the state police has tightened the rules for shops selling pa-masala.
Both sellers and buyers of pan, masala and gutkha will be prosecuted.  He said that special vigilance would be maintained for strict enforcement of lockdowns and if the details of breach of lockdowns by people going to other areas were taken into consideration, immediate legal action would be taken and vehicles would also be confiscated.
State Police Chief Shivanand Zai said arrangements have been made to maintain proper social distance in the shops which have been allowed to open during the implementation of the lockdown.  This is being monitored continuously by the police department.

The police chief clarified that although the opening of shops like pan, masala, tea snacks, restaurants, hair cutting is prohibited, if these shops are opened, legal action will be taken against the shopkeepers and the customers gathered there.

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