Shivrajpur Beach

By | February 16, 2023

Shivrajpur Beach : Shivrajpur Beach is located in Dwarka district of Gujarat. The government is making many efforts to develop the tourism sector in Gujarat. Gujarat is now becoming a hub of tourism and tourists are getting attracted to visit Gujarat day by day. The state government is now planning to increase the number of tourists to come to Gujarat. The government is now planning a new plan to develop the Shivrajpur beach near Dwarka. Shivrajpur Beach was selected to be developed by the Government of India in collaboration with the World Bank under the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project .

Shivrajpur Beach
Shivrajpur Beach

According to the geographical situation of Gujarat, there is a long coastline of 1600 km around Gujarat. The process of developing the sea beach has now been undertaken by the Gujarat government to develop the tourism sector. Although there is a rush of tourists on the beaches located in Mandvi, Somnath and Chorwad areas in Gujarat, but now the government is pushing forward the work of making Shivrajpur beach a world class beach, which is considered the first choice for tourists and is considered safe.

Shivrajpur Beach Photo 1
Shivrajpur Beach Photo 1

Features of Shivrajpur Beach

15 km from Dwarka. The Shivrajpur beach at a distance has many features. This beach has a blue flag. Let’s know the features of this beach.

  • Crystal clear water
  • Pollution free and pollution free beaches
  • Necessary facilities like jogging track, changing room, and children play area
  • A variety of marine life
  • A beach considered safe for tourists
  • Shivrajpur beach is included in the 76 beaches of the world.
  • A beach voted as the second best beach in Asia
  • Second green field beach after Goa
  • India’s first Blue Flag beach certified beach


Shivrajpur Beach Photo 2
Shivrajpur Beach Photo 2

A tent city will also be built at Shivrajpur beach like Goa

Shivrajpur beach in Gujarat has become a center of attraction as a new tourist destination. There are currently no accommodation facilities for tourists going to Shivrajpur Beach 15 km to stop tourists. One has to go far to Dwarka. Then the tourism department has started the work of further development of Shivrajpur beach. The tourism department will set up a tent city here. Information is being received from reliable sources of the tourism department that Rs 200 crore will be spent for the first phase.

What is Blue Flag Certification and how to get this certification?

Awarded the Blue Flag status by an organization operating in Denmark, Blue Flag beaches are considered to be the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the world. Blue Flag is the world’s most recognized voluntary eco-label. To get the Blue Flag label one has to go through a lot of environmental, educational, safety and flexibility criteria. This certificate is awarded by a non-governmental international organization called Foundation for Environmental Education . India has also developed its own eco label beams like the Blue Flag label, taking a step forward in this direction. Beams’ full name is Beach Environmental and Aesthetics Management Services.

Employment opportunities will increase

For tourists, this beach will prove to be a beautiful beach of nature. The stunning and picturesque Shivrajpur beach is becoming a major tourist attraction. Currently tourists coming from other states including Gujarat are visiting this beach and having a wonderful time with their families. Tourists are happy to take advantage of the beautiful facilities along with bathing at Shivrajpur Beach, which has a stunning beauty in the lap of nature. It is believed that the development of this beautiful beach will also provide employment opportunities to the locals.

Shivrajpur Beach Introduction Video Click here

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