schools And Collage will start from 23rd November,

By | November 18, 2020

Secondary-U.Sc. schools will start from 23rd November, students of Std. 10-12 will be called to school on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Std.

Government is determined to open schools: Secondary-U.Sc. schools will start from November 23, students of Std. 10-12 will be called on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Std.

Students will be able to study offline and online after the schools open

The Odd Even method will run schools

Teachers-students with symptoms will not be able to go to school, schools will not open in the zone in containment

Recently, the government announced to start schools on November 23. The announcement made by the government was opposed by various guardians of the state. Now, once again, the state government has announced to start secondary as well as higher secondary schools on November 23 as per the October 10 resolution. The state government has also asked schools to comply with Corona’s full guidelines as well as obtain a written consent form from parents to send students to school. According to the guideline, students of Std. 10-12 will be called to school on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and students of Std. 9-11 will be called to school on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Offline (physical) educational work will be resumed for students in all government / self-reliant, secondary and higher secondary schools from November 23. Atline (physically) attending academic work will be voluntary for the student. And for that the concerned institution has to get the consent form in writing from the parents of the student. Schools will have to arrange online study for students who do not join the class. Apart from that, Vande Gujarat Channel and Doordarshan D.D. Students should be encouraged to watch educational programs broadcast from Girnar.

Schools will have to call Std 10 and Std 12 students on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of the week. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the students of Std. 9 and Std. 11 will have to be called by the schools.

Schools will have to adjust the number of classes keeping in view the number of students and the need as well as the complexity of the subject. In order to maintain the social distance between the 2 students as per the SOP of the Government of India, seating arrangements will have to be arranged. In addition the principal of the school will be able to decide what kind of arrangement should be made for which subject / curriculum.

Face masks will be mandatory for students, teachers as well as all other employees. And the concerned authority should take care that no infected or symptomatic student or teacher enters the school premises through continuous monitoring.

No student or staff member who lives in the content zone or has a coronary infection in the family may attend school. The school cannot be opened if there is a school in the content zone area.

As per the S.O.P issued by the Government of India, the capacity building of all concerned such as principals, teachers, parents, students, SMC members etc. should be handled by the Gujarat Educational Resources and Training Council as well as the District Education and Training Bhavan.

All these procedures have to be done following the guidelines of S.O.P / Guidelines issued by the Government of India. (Available online at

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