Recruitment in Gram Rakshak Dal

By | October 10, 2021

Recruitment in Gram Rakshak Dal

Lock and Hide Pictures, Videos, Gallery, Audio & Any File. SD Card Supported

■Lock and Hide Pictures, Videos, Audio , Gallery or any other document or File to protect your privacy

If you want to Lock and Hide Pictures (photos), videos, Gallery or any other file you can use

‘Easy Vault : Hide Pictures, Videos, Gallery, Files’ to protect your privacy. ઈન્ટેલીજેન્સ બ્યુરો (IB)માં વિવિધ 527 જગ્યાઓ પર આવી ભરતી

✔ Lock & Hide Pictures (photos)

✔ Fast & Secure Gallery

✔ Lock & Hide Videos

✔ Keep your locked photos (photos), videos in folders [Create folder, Rename Folder, Move to other folder]

✔ Lock & Hide Gallery

✔ Lock & Hide any file or document

✔ Encrypt videos, pictures, and files

✔ Free to use

✔ Private Web Browser

✔ Hide Easy Vault Icon

—- Features —–

▶ Hide and lock Pictures (Photos) & Videos

You can lock and hide pictures(Photos) and videos using a password. બેંક દ્વારા ક્લાર્ક માટે 5830 જગ્યાઓ પર આવી મોટી ભરતી

▶ Hide and lock Files

you can not only hide your pictures (photos) or videos , but you can also lock and hide any file that you want to keep private using a password.

▶ Private / Secured Web Browser

Now you can serf the web without with a password protected internet browser.

▶ Hide Easy Vault Icon

You can hide Easy Vault icon so no one can see if Easy Vault is installed or not.

▶ Beautiful UI

Simple and fast UI with beautiful animations

▶ un-hide pictures and videos

unlock and un-hide your pictures (photos) and videos and move them back to original location ઈન્ડિયન નેવી ધો. 10+2 માટે વિવિધ જગ્યાઓ પર ભરતી

▶ SD-Card supported

keep your hidden pictures (photos) and videos on SD card to save mobile space.

▶ Slide Show

watch your hidden pictures (photos) in a slide show.

▶ Share

you can share any hidden video , pictures (photos) and files.

▶ Folders

keep your hidden pictures (photos) and videos in folders. you can rename folders and move hidden pictures and videos to other folders. ગુજરાત પોલીસ દળના વાયરલેસ વિભાગમાં ભરતી

Keep your privacy protected. it hides your pictures (photos) , videos and files in a secret folder.

—- FAQs —–

Q 1: Are my pictures, files are safe if i delete EasyVault?

A: Yes your files and pictures will be completely safe all you need to do is just reinstall this Easy Vault and it will restore your previous pictures and files.

Q 2: What if someone deleted my EasyVault app?

A: Nothing to worry about that, all your pictures and other data will be kept safe just reinstall Easy Vault and restore your backup.

ગ્રામ રક્ષક દળ ભરતી રિલેટેડ પરિપત્ર 

Q 3: anyone else see pictures and files that are hidden by EasyVault?

A: No one can see your pictures and files that are in Easy Vault.Because all your pictures and files are encrypted and can only be accessed by opening Easy Vault app.

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