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By | March 24, 2024

The Mera Ration app is a mobile app that helps NFSA beneficiaries, especially migrant beneficiaries, FPS dealers, and other stakeholders, access One Nation One Ration Card services. The app provides access to Fair Price Shop (FPS) locations and subsidized food, and is available in English and Hindi. The app also helps users access and understand relevant data and information.

Empowering ration cardholders and migrants

Mera Ration is a free productivity app developed by National Informatics Centre, FCA Division. This mobile app was meticulously created to bolster the nationwide implementation of the One Nation One Ration Card initiative in India. Its advantages extend to individuals in possession of ration cards, particularly those who are migrants.

The app allows users to:
  • View ration card details, including the card number, district, and last four digits of Aadhaar
  • View purchase details for the last six months, including grains purchased
  • Check the balance of a commodity

The Mera Ration application aids individuals who have relocated to different areas in pursuit of their livelihood. Through this platform, beneficiaries can pinpoint their nearest Fair Price Shop or FPS and access a wealth of information, including their recent transactions, entitlement details, and other relevant data.

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Enhancing access, transparency, and convenience

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution’s department responsible for Food and Public Distribution spearheaded the creation of the Mera Ration application. Its primary purpose is to streamline services connected to the One Nation One Ration Card program for beneficiaries under the National Food Security Act. This includes catering to FPS dealers, migrant beneficiaries, and other pertinent parties.

This app enables effortless search for the closest Fair Price Shop. Migrant ration cardholders have the option to register via this mobile application, granting them access to food items at subsidized rates akin to those available in their home states, no matter where they are currently located. Moreover, users also have the capability to review their foodgrain entitlement details and current transactions, and the status of Aadhaar seeding via this application.

This tool establishes a commendable level of transparency in government operations. In addition, this application is accessible in both English and Hindi, ensuring its relevance to diverse users. It has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface that anyone can easily navigate through the app. However, a few users have voiced concerns about certain drawbacks, including occasional app freezing or crashing unexpectedly.

A tool that for beneficiaries

Mera Ration application serves to streamline One Nation One Ration Card services. It caters to beneficiaries, including migrants and FPS dealers, offering convenient Fair Price Shop locations and subsidized food access. The app fosters transparency, accessible in English and Hindi, with a user-friendly interface. While beneficial, occasionally, technical issues have been raised by users. Overall, this app enhances access and convenience to all relevant data or information that beneficiaries need.

The app was developed by the Department of Food & Public Distribution, under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution.

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