LPG Gas Connection New And Important Rules

By | January 29, 2020
LPG Gas Connection New And Important Rules: Earlier it was told that if a gas agency does not deliver a cylinder to your home then in such situation you have to go to the gas agency to get the cylinder. In this case, if you have to go to an agency godown to get a cylinder, you can get a fixed amount from the agency. If you are aware of this rule, no agency can disallow you. In fact, the fixed cost of a gas cylinder from the companies also includes the amount of home delivery. But if the agency does not do home delivery then you have the right to receive this charge.

 LPG Gas Connection New And Important Rules
The two conditions of the insurance
will tell you that each LPG customer has insurance up to Rs 5 lakh from the respective company. There are two conditions for this insurance. For this, no customer has to pay any extra monthly premium. In case of an accident with a gas cylinder, 40 lakh under the first condition and Rs 50 lakh under the second condition, the agency has to pay.
40 lakh claim
LPG cylinder If you have an accident in your house or reputation you can claim up to 40 lakh insurance. On the other hand, up to Rs 5 lakh can be claimed if a person is killed by a cylinder burst. In cases of such misfortune, each victim is entitled to a compensation of up to Rs. 10 lakhs.
No additional premium
Customers do not have to pay any additional premium for the above-mentioned insurance. When you take a new connection, insurance is automatically available to you. This insurance premium is included in the connection charge. Distributors of petroleum companies Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum have to ensure this.
If an accident happens, do so.
If you are the victim of an accident, first inform the police and the insurance company. Many times the police do not register an FIR in such cases. This is why you need to file an FIR and secure a copy of the FIR to claim the insurance amount. Also, keep an eye out for bills in case of injury.
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