Know Grant Detail of Gram, Taluka And District Panchayat

By | January 18, 2020
Gram panchayat Taluka and Jilla panchayat Grant online Report: Today, we are going to tell you a link to a government website ( that you can make a significant contribution to the development of your village, your community and your country, but you can see that How much money has been given by the government for the construction of your village (this data is completely authentic), if you find any irregularity, then you can make a complaint directly to the public hearing.
Know Grant Detail of Gram, Taluka And District Panchayat
Here’s how much money has come in your village/mohalla/bard in front of you and your head (village panchayat demonstration), how much work your bard’s member has done and how much money the government has taken If you get some data that you do not feel right then you can complain by going to the public hearing, where you will have a direct look at your complaint directly.
Now we need to be aware. All the information has been provided by the government on the online website, but we just need to know them, if only 2-3 young people of every village start telling this information to their village people, then understand 50% of corruption Will go.
So you are requested to look at the work done in your village in the year 2016-17 and try to send this link to every village of the country so that the people of the village can get their rights.
Follow Below Steps For Panchayat Grant Detail:
  • Step-1 First click on the link below
  • Step-2. You can choose your language according to your preference, just here English, Hindi and Punjabi have an option.
  • Step-3. Here you will choose your plan and name of your state and click on GET REPORT, after which you will ask about the planning unit, For example, if you have to see how much money this year in your village If you have come from the government side then you will choose the option of GRAM PANCHAYAT
  • Step-4 After that you will be asked that you live in the district panchayat, you will select the name of your district
  • Step-5. After selecting the district panchayat, you will select the name of your Janpad Panchayat or Block, For example – If I want to see how much money the government has given in my village in 2017-2018
  • Step-6. After the Gram Panchayat, you will be asked the name of village PANCHYAT, after that you will click on GET REPORT.
Important Links for Grant Detail:
  • Click Here For Grant Detail of Gram, Taluka And District Panchayat
  • Click Here For Government’s Official Planning Website

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