If you get frequent ads on your phone, find out how to stop them

By | December 22, 2023

People face many problems due to ads appearing on Android phones. Many times this leads users to redirect to some unnecessary site. So sometimes one makes the mistake of buying the wrong product. These ads also cause disruption in people’s regular activities. Do you know that you can turn off these ads easily.

Block pop-ups

Follow these steps to close the pop-up add

First of all go to Google Chrome

Go to Sentigs in the top right corner

Privacy And Security> Site settings > Pop-ups and redirects have to go and toggle off.

Close site settings

Sometimes we mistakenly allow multiple sites to send notifications. To close it, you have to hold the Google Chrome app icon on the top of the phone. Tap on the I button from the top right corner.

After this you have to go to Notifications and scroll down to the All Sites notifications option. Here you will see all sites sending notifications. From here you can turn off the toggle for all sites.

Turn off app notifications

Many apps also ask for your permission to send notifications. These permissions can be turned off. For this you have to find apps whose notifications you don’t want. After this you have to long press on it and then click on the i button. After this you will see the notification option, which you can turn off.

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Turn off lock screen services

Many Android phones come pre-loaded with lock screen wallpaper services. This also contains advertisements. You can also turn this off if you want. For this you need to go to Settings > Lock screen > Go to wallpaper services and select none.

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