Home Department Circular regarding Holi / Dhuleti celebrations

By | March 24, 2021

Home Department Circular regarding Holi / Dhuleti celebrations

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Holi – Matter of celebration of Dhuleti festival.  Sir, in connection with the above subject, it is to be mentioned that the festival of Holi will be celebrated on March 7, 2011 and the festival of Dhuleti will be celebrated on March 7, 2021.  Under normal circumstances, people gather in large numbers on society, streets, nakas, public places, open fields and roads to celebrate the Holi-Dhuleti festival.  Coronal infection is likely to increase as large numbers of people congregate.  Therefore, considering the current situation of COVID-19 prevailing in the state, Holi can be lit with a traditionally limited number of people in connection with the Holi festival as well as with the circumambulation of Holi as well as religious ceremonies.  But the organizers will have to be careful not to gather crowds during the Holi-Dahan program and strictly follow the existing guidelines regarding Koro.  In addition, public celebrations and mass events on the day of Ghuleti will not be allowed.  It is requested to take necessary action including giving instructions to the concerned for strict implementation of the above instructions.

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Copy report well dispatched: – Respect.  Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Golden Complex – 1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar .. – Hon.  Personal Secretary to the Deputy Chief Minister, Swarnim Sankul – 1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar, – Personal Secretary to the Hon’ble Minister (Home), Swarnim Sankul – 1, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.  Or Joint Secretary to the Chief Secretary, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.  – Additional Chief Secretary (Home) ‘s top secret Secretary, Home Department, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.  – Secret of Secretary (Home) Secretary, Home Department, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.

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