Gujarat TET 2 Exam syllabus Exam pattern 2019

By | December 2, 2019

Gujarat TET 2 Exam syllabus  Exam pattern 2019 : Gujarat TET 2 Syllabus and Exam Materials are Released for Teacher Eligibility Test 2019. Gujarat State Examination Board is going to conduct Teacher Eligibility Test (TET 2 Exam) in upcoming time. Candidates who wish to become Primary Teacher in Gujarat, have registered for Gujarat TET 2 Exam 2019. Such candidates are looking for TET Exam Materials on internet. Candidate who preparation for tet 2 exam 2019 . who have important that get tet 2 exam syllabus.

Gujarat TET 2 Exam syllabus  Exam pattern 2019

TET 2 Exam 2019 is to be conducted for the post of Primary Teacher of Standard 6 to 8 only. Candidates have to prepare with hard work for TET 2 Exam. Because the competition is very tough and candidates must get higher marks to get upper place in Merit. In order to help candidates in TET exam preparation, here we provide Gujarat TET 2 exam Syllabus, Exam Scheme and Exam Materials as well as Old Year Papers.

Gujarat TET Syllabus Pdf Download 2019

Those candidates who have registered for the TET Exam of Gujarat Government and searching up for the exam details can find it here. We have listed out the updated TET Exam Syllabus for Paper I & Paper II. One can start their preparation when they have their exam syllabus and exam pattern details in their hand. Exam Pattern will help you out to know the overall view of the examination. Candidates should clear both the TET Paper I & Paper II to get selected. After the written examination, the Gujarat State Education Board will conduct an Interview Process where the documents will be verified along with the face to face interview process. To help you pass through the written examination we have given the certain topics that will help you increase your scoring in the Gujarat Teacher Eligibility Test Exam.

Full Detailed Tet-2 exam Syllabus, 2019

Gujarat TET 2 Syllabus 2017


  • Number System
  • Knowing Our Numbers
  • Playing With Numbers
  • Whole Numbers
  • Negative Numbers and Integers
  • Fractions Exponents, surds, Squares, Cube, Square Root
  • Cube Root profit and Loss
  • Compound Interest Discount
  • Algebra
  • Introduction to Algebraic Identities, polynomials
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Geometry
  • Basic Geometrical Ideas ( 2-D)
  • Understanding elementary shapes (2-D & 3-D)
  • Reflection
  • Constructions (Using Straight Edge Scale, Protractor, Compasses)
  • Quadrilateral
  • Menstruations; Circle, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Triangles
  • Data Handling, Statistics

Tet 2 exam syllabus.


  • Food
  • Sources of Food
  • Components of Food
  • Cleaning Food
  • Materials
  • Materials of Daily Use
  • Air
  • Water
  • Change of Matter
  • The Structure of Atom
  • Molecule
  • Compounds
  • Metals and Non-Metals
  • Carbon
  • Soil
  • Acids, Base, salt
  • The World of the Living Organisms, Microorganism, and Diseases
  • Food; Production and Management
  • Moving Things People & Ideas
  • Effect of Population Growth and Human Activities in the Environment
  • The Universe
  • Force
  • Motion
  • Work and Energy
  • Electric Current & Circuits
  • Magnets and Magnetism
  • Light
  • Soun
  • Natural Phenomena
  • Natural Resources
  • Source of Energy
  • Environmental Concerns, Regional and National
  • Pollution
  • Pedagogical Issues

Gujarat TET Syllabus Social Studies/ Social Sciences


  • When, Where and How
  • The Earliest Societies
  • The First Farmers & Herders
  • The First Cities
  • The Early States
  • New Ideas
  • The First Empire
  • Contacts with Distant Lands
  • Political Developments
  • Culture 7 Science
  • New Kings and Kingdoms
  • Sultans of Delhi
  • Architecture
  • Creation of an empire
  • Social Change
  • Regional Cultures
  • The Establishments of Company Power
  • Rural Life & Society
  • Colonialism & Tribal Societies
  • The Revolt of 1857-58
  • Women & Reform
  • Challenging the Castel System
  • The Nationalist Movements
  • India after Independence


  • Geography as a Social Study & as a Science
  • Planet: Earth in the Solar System
  • Globe
  • The Environment in its totality: Natural & human Environment
  • Air
  • Water
  • Human Environment: Settlement, Transport 7 Communication
  • Resources: Types- Natural & Human
  • Agriculture

Social and political Life:

  • Diversity
  • Government
  • Local government
  • Democracy
  • State government
  • Understanding Media
  • Unpacking Gender
  • The Judiciary
  • The Constitution
  • Parliamentary Government
  • Social Justice & The Marginalized
  • Pedagogical Issues

Gujarat TET Syllabus
GTET Exam Pattern 2019:
Gujarat TET Exam is Based on the Objective type (Multiple Choice Questions).
The exam is conducted for a total of 100 marks.
Each Question carries One Mark in the condition of correct.
No Negative Marking for the GTET.


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