Gujarat Government announces no need to wear helmet in city areas

By | December 4, 2019
Gujarat Government announces no need to wear helmet in city areas
No need to wear helmets in cities anymore, Gujarat Government’s biggest decision on helmets
  • An important decision for the people of the state has come at a cabinet meeting held at the Gandhinagar Swarnim complex. From now on, it is desirable to wear a helmet while riding a bike (two wheeler) on the borders of the municipality and the municipality.
  • Cabinet meeting decision on helmet in urban areas
  • Helmets are mandatory on State and National Highways and Approach Roads

Talking to the media after the Cabinet meeting was completed, the state transport minister said that from now on, the extent of the municipality and the municipality area and the bike wearing a helmet on the road will not be compulsory and the police will not impose any penalties in this regard. Also, it is mandatory to wear a helmet on the approach road of all highways and villages except those two areas.

What did the Minister for Transport say?

  • Government, will people not die without helmets now?
  • Will employment increase or decrease in the days to come with the latest technology artificial intelligence (IA)?
  • BJP’s election fund company raises questions over contract for bullet train project
  • Talking to the media, Transport Minister Faldu said that the state government had received several requirements about the mandatory helmet law. The cabinet
  • meeting has taken an important decision in view of the social inconveniences caused by the decision and the decision to wear a helmet.

The state government has made an important decision in the cabinet. Agriculture Minister RC Faldu said that since today it has been mandatory to wear helmets in urban areas of the state. There were several appearances from the state regarding the helmet. The Cabinet has given a crucial decision in this regard. After the announcement of the government, it has become desirable to wear helmets in the metros of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara. Fruit added that many people died due to head injuries in road accidents. For this reason the helmet was forced. An important decision has been taken by the government following the intense presentation of the case. However, the helmet will be mandatory on the highway. At present, there will be no need in the villages if the government makes helmets appealing to the cities. Even so, the law was implemented in megacity.

  • Helmet helmet in urban area starting today
  • The government’s new mantle to distract attention from the hustle and bustle of students
  • The biggest decision taken in the cabinet
  • The state government has taken a major decision as opposition to the helmet statewide

How is the helmet law in Gujarat?

In Gujarat, two-wheeler drivers are required to wear helmets. Especially if a man on the back-wheeler with a driver is required to wear a helmet. However, the provision exempted women and children under the age of 12 from the provision. A new notification has been announced by the Gujarat Government’s Department of Vehicles Affairs, following the Supreme Court’s order to change the rules of conduct of transport. According to the new notification, the necessary provisions have been made in the Gujarat Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 Rule 193 of the wearing of helmets in the state of Gujarat. The rule, however, exempted women from wearing back-to-back helmets, children under the age of 12, and two-wheelers with engines less than 50 cc.

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