Free Umbrella Assistance Scheme Gujarat: Government will provide free umbrella per person under the scheme

By | July 12, 2023

Under the free umbrella scheme, one umbrella per beneficiary (ie one umbrella per Aadhaar card) will be available to an adult. Who will benefit from the free umbrella scheme through iKhedoot portal? How to benefit? Where are the documents required? How much benefit i.e. help get? Information about it is given in this article. Which are as follows.

Various government schemes are run online by ikhedut for farmers, animal husbandry, horticultural or fruit producing sellers etc. by Department of Agriculture and Cooperation Gujarat Government. Through this article we will provide detailed information about the free umbrella scheme run under the horticulture scheme.

Free Umbrella Scheme Gujarat

Horticulture schemes introduce new methods to increase the production of fruits and vegetables. Keeping this in mind, a scheme has been implemented to provide free umbrellas to small vendors to prevent wastage of fruits and vegetables. To avail this free umbrella scheme one has to apply online at Ikhedut Portal.

Objective of Free Umbrella Scheme

Free umbrella scheme (Mafat Chhatri Yojana Gujarat) through Ikhedut Portal Free umbrellas will be available to vendors selling fruit-vegetables-florets and perishable agricultural produce on road side, haat bazaar or with lorries. Keeping this in mind, a scheme has been implemented to provide free umbrellas to small vendors to prevent wastage of fruits and vegetables.

Eligibility for availing this scheme

Beneficiary eligibility is determined by Free Umbrella Yojana for Gujarat. Who is eligible to benefit from this free umbrella scheme can be known from the following information.

The scheme will benefit the sellers of fruits and vegetables.
Beneficiaries will meet those selling flowers.
Ferias with small lorries will also benefit from this scheme.
Applicants will find those selling on the roadside, haat or small market.
Small sellers selling perishable agricultural produce will benefit from the free umbrella scheme.

Supporting evidence for availing the scheme

Following are the documents required to avail the benefit of free umbrella scheme.

Copy of Aadhaar Card
Identity Card issued by Gujarat Urban Lively Hood Mission (if any)
Xerox of Ration Card
Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) certificate (if any)
Disability Certificate (if any)
Certificate of Registration if the institution is to avail

How to apply?

Online form has to be filled to avail free umbrella under i portal scheme. Online application of this scheme can also be done from home.

Step 1 : First of all open the official website of iKhedut web portal
Step 2: After opening the IKhedut website, click on “Yojana”.
Step 3 : After opening the scheme click on “Horticultural Schemes”.
Step 4 : After opening “Bagayati Yojana” it will show various schemes.
Step 5 : Including dragon foot, plug nursery, free umbrella scheme for fruit and vegetable sellers etc.
Step 6 : In which click on “Free umbrella to small sellers to prevent wastage of fruits and vegetables”.
Step 7: Where all instructions have to be read. Then “are you individual beneficiary or institutional beneficiary” has to be selected.
Step 8 : Are you a registered applicant? In which if it has been registered earlier then “Yes” and if not “No” then further processing has to be done.

Important links

Click here for the official website

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