Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024

By | March 26, 2024

Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana
Among the many schemes run by the government to increase the self-esteem of women, the latest scheme of the government is the Free Solar Flour Mill Yojana, in which women who are socially and economically weaker are employed in shops. to go and get their home flour milled or now the government is giving the benefit of free solar flour mill scheme to women who have not installed a flour mill machine in their house so far.

Under the Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024, the government is promoting solar energy and making women self-reliant and empowered so that women can join the scheme and run flour mills and grind flour at home through solar energy, and the government is continuously promoting solar energy schemes. running

This is an important scheme run for women, under which this solar flour mill will be provided free with 100% subsidy to the poor women. So let’s now know all the information about Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024 .

Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024. Solar Flour Mill Scheme

Under the Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024, solar powered flour mill machines are being provided which can be charged by bright sunlight and run at the time of need. Many schemes are being promoted and implemented. Among these schemes are the Saur Ata Chakki scheme for women.

Under the Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024, the government will provide solar panels to the women on the roof of their houses and by installing solar mills in the house through wires, the batteries will be charged by getting energy at the time of bright light. As required i.e. in cloudy conditions. It can also be used in,

Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024. Eligibility of Solar Ata Chakki Scheme

  1. The scheme of food supply department will benefit the women section of the country.
  2. Women who come from socially and economically weak families,
  3. A woman whose family is already involved in food security,
  4. Women who have not already installed a flour mill machine at home,
  5. The annual income of such families is less than 2.5 lakh rupees per day.
  6. Now all these eligible families will be selected by the government and they will be provided free solar flour mill.

Solar Ata Chakki Yojana Document | Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024

A woman applying under the free solar ata chakki scheme should link her Aadhaar card and mobile number and family ration card and food security and download the official form of the scheme from the food supply portal and then fill the form.

Link Aadhaar Card and Mobile Number: Make sure your Aadhaar card and mobile number are linked.
This connection is required for authentication and communication purposes.

Provide Family Ration Card and Food Security Details: Submit your family ration card and food security details. These documents are required for eligibility verification and accurate allocation of resources.

Free Solar Atta Chakki Yojana 2024. Solar Ata Chakki Scheme Registration

Visit Official Website: Go to the official website of Solar Flour Mill Scheme.

Select your state: From the list of states provided on the website, select the state where you live.

Access State Food Supply Department Page: After selecting your state, you will be directed to a new page operated by the State Food Supply Department.

Find Solar Flour Mill Option: On the State Food Supply Department page, find the option related to Solar Flour Mill Scheme and click on it.

Download Application Form: From the Solar Flour Mill Scheme section, download the application form provided on the website.

Make copies of the form: Once the form is downloaded, make copies for your records and for filling.

Fill Required Information: Fill all the required information on the application form carefully. This includes details like your name, address, mobile number, Aadhaar card number, etc.

Attach photocopies of documents: Collect photocopies of required documents, such as identity proofs, and attach them with the filled application form.

Application Form Submission: Take the completed application form along with the attached documents to the office of the Food Safety Department in your area.

Eligibility Check: The Department will assess your eligibility for the Solar Floor Mill Scheme based on the information provided in your application form and the attached documents.

Verification Process: If found eligible, your application will undergo a verification process to ensure accuracy and compliance with the scheme requirements.

Approval and Benefit Activation: Upon successful verification, your application will be approved, and you will start getting the benefits of Saur Atta Chakki Yojana.

Possible Rejection: If any errors or inaccuracies are identified in your application form or documents, your application may be rejected.

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