Free QR Scanner – Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader APK Download 2020

By | January 21, 2020

About this Application: 

Quick, exact, basic QR and standardized tag scanner application! Supports all arrangements!

Incredibly quick QR and standardized identification scanner that supports all QR and standardized identification designs! It’s the must-have scanner application for all Android gadgets.

It’s anything but difficult to utilize, no compelling reason to press any catches or change the zoom, simply open it and point to the QR code, it will auto perceive, check and interpret the QR code. In the wake of filtering, a few pertinent alternatives for the outcomes will be given, you can look through the items on the web, visit the sites, or even associate with Wi-Fi ✅ without entering the secret word…

QR code peruser can check and decipher a wide range of QR code and standardized tag, for example, contacts, items, URL, Wi-Fi, content, books, E-mail, area, schedule, etc. It is additionally normally used to filter advancement and coupon codes💰 in shops to get limits.


*Safe and simple to-utilize scanner application

*Instant filter

*Privacy sheltered, just camera consent required

*Price scanner

*Support examine QR and scanner tags from exhibition

*Scan history spared

*Flashlight bolstered

*Auto zoom

*No web association required

Step by step instructions to utilize:

1. Open the scanner

2. Point the camera to the QR code/scanner tag

3. Auto perceive, filter and translate

4. Get results and applicable choices

Bolster all QR and standardized identification designs 

QR code, Data Matrix, Maxi code, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, UPC-An, EAN-8…

Output history spared 

All output history will be put something aside for moment seeing at whenever.

Value scanner 

You can check item standardized identifications and look at costs on the web.

Auto zoom 

No compelling reason to modify the zoom, it’s anything but difficult to check far away🔍/little QR code and standardized identification plainly.

Electric lamp bolstered 

Effectively filters QR code/standardized tag in dim condition.

QR code scanner 

Need QR scanner and QR code peruser? Searching for QR code scanner? No fulfilled QR code scanner? Attempt the best QR scanner and QR code peruser! This QR scanner and QR code peruser bolster all QR and standardized identification designs.

Standardized identification scanner 

The simple to-utilize standardized identification scanner for Android gadgets. It’s your must-have standardized identification scanner.

QR peruser for Android 

Need to locate a full-highlighted QR peruser for Android? Here it is! QR peruser for Android underpins all QR and standardized identification configurations and supports in excess of 10 dialects.

Standardized tag peruser and scanner 

This one-in-all standardized tag peruser and scanner enables you to filter a wide range of scanner tag, QR code, and coupon code. It’s the best standardized identification peruser and scanner that you merit.

Output QR code 

Need a scanner application to filter QR code and standardized identification? This light-weight scanner application is your best decision! Sweep QR code quick and securely!

QR code scanner application 

Searching for a QR code scanner application to examine standardized tag or QR code? Attempt this free and exact QR code scanner application!

QR code peruser and scanner 

This is the best QR code peruser and scanner that you can discover. Attempt to utilize this QR code peruser and scanner to filter a wide range of QR codes and standardized tags.

QR code scanner for android 

Need an incredible QR code scanner for Android? This is your best decision. This incredible QR code scanner for Android enables you to check a wide range of QR codes and standardized identifications.

Standardized identification Scan 

The QR and standardized identification check just needs one stage: auto-identify QR code and scanner tag insofar as open the application. Free QR and Barcode Scanner brings outrageous quick standardized identification filter understanding to you.

Standardized tag scanner application 

This standardized tag scanner application underpins all standardized tag designs. You can likewise make your own QR codes with this standardized tag scanner application.

Standardized tag scanner for android 

This little size standardized tag scanner for android can examine scanner tags and QR codes quick and securely. Download this standardized identification scanner for android with the expectation of complimentary at this point.

Standardized identification peruser 

Need a free standardized identification peruser to examine a wide range of scanner tag or QR code? This standardized identification peruser merits an attempt!

Standardized identification scanner application free 

Superfast standardized identification scanner application free for all Android gadgets! Output all standardized tags and make your own QR codes with standardized identification scanner application free.

QR code scanner for textbooks 

This QR code scanner is additionally a QR code scanner for textbooks. Download it and output textbooks with this QR code scanner for textbooks.

Download APK (5.4 MB)

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