Electric Scooter Yojna for Disable Person

By | November 22, 2019

Electric Scooter Yojna for Disable Person. At the end of adult thinking, the Director, Social Security Department, Gandhinagar – number taken on the basis; (2) to (4) made from letters In relation to the proposals, to allow the disabled to purchase electric scooter, it is hereby allowed to include the following standard of assistance and the method of qualification: Standards of assistance

(1) Age 18 to 5 of the handicap

(2) The percentage of handicap should be 40% or more and the name of the beneficiary should have a score of 0 to 20 in the B. P. L. list C. E. C. – 011 (Social, Economic The caste-based census-2010 will be given special priority to those who are afflicted with the list and those with disabilities in the list.

(3) In this scheme, benefits will be available to both physically handicapped and males both male and female.

(4) The handicapped disabled persons must have a valid license of RTI, which will be beneficial to the physically handicapped beneficiary, who have already availed the benefit of the equipment assistance scheme, after receiving the benefit in the scheme of Instrument Assistance, after the completion of five years, the benefits of Electric Scooter scheme will be available. (6)In the assistance of purchase of Electric Scooter, if the Electric Scooter received by the beneficiary in the scheme, after five years, if in other way the scheme benefits are eligible to be 18, then it will be able to apply for the benefit of the scheme.

(7) The benefits of this scheme will be benefited only to beneficiaries with demographic disabilities, disability and 40% disability certificate.

(8) The handicapped person will not be eligible for the benefit of the scheme of handicapped equipment assistance after this benefit.

(9) A handicap person has a disability identification card for the Social Security Department

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Payment method

(A) Under the scheme of purchasing electric scooter for the purchase of scooter for the handicap, after buying the electric scooter after applying for a second scooter, after submitting the bill, the amount of assistance by the District Social Security Officer’s office B. T, shall have to pay direct payment to the applicant’s account,

(b) the government of India will pay the subsidy to those dealers, in the subsidy dealer’s account. The amount of the subsidy will be paid by the company, the bill amount will be paid. After the purchase of the applicant electric cooker, after granting the bills, the assistance will be approved and payment will be made.

(A) Basic cost of scooters for the handicap purchase of electric cooker + 5% of disposable kit or Rs. 25,000 / – will be provided to the disabled. The petitioner’s application will have to be purchased from the fund, and the bill for purchase will be done by the District Social Security Office d. B, T To be deposited in the applicant’s account. Under the scheme of buying an electric scooter, the power to deny the beneficiary’s application is given to the District Social Security Officer. – School of Climate Change Department – All the vehicles will have to be inspected / verified on the basis of electric scooter scheme of college students and the warranty time will be kept for 24 months. All the remaining conditional / details of the same number of resolutions of the same number of UP, 2, 05, 2018 will remain unchanged. This Approval allowed the Department of Finance on the file number of the same number. 29/01/2019 is given by the approval given. By the order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name.

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