E Shram Card getting Rs 5000

By | February 29, 2024
E-SHRAM CARD  REGISTRATION 2024 : Hello friends today I will tell you about E-SHRAM CARD those friends who have ashram card now government will give 5000 rupees per month in your account now friends news is spreading very fast about this E-SHRAM CARD what friends You can know the complete information whether the e-Shram card holder will actually be eligible to get this facility or not in this article of ours today.

E Labor Card Registration 2024

Friends, let me tell you that if the government gives you 3000 rupees from the e-labor card, what documents will be required, what will be the eligibility requirements, how to apply online? All types of how money will come into your account I have given detailed information in today’s mention which is detailed below Read this article carefully from beginning to end.

If you have e shram card then its very good then you can visit any CSC center and get registered now more than 40 crore people across the country have benefited from ishram card if it will benefit you and if you can apply for this benefit are you

E Labor Card Form

Let me tell you that friends are working on a new scheme by the central government and in collaboration with the states which will be a good opportunity for the workers registered under the Ishram card scheme. The workers who are linked to this scheme will be eligible for certain better benefits.

Documents Required  for e-Labour Card Registration 2024

  1. Bank Account Details
  2. Age should be between 16-59 years (06-01-1962 to 05-01-2006)
  3. aadhar card
  4. Mobile number should be linked with Aadhaar card

Let me tell you that those who are looking for benefits and financial assistance schemes as well as job opportunities or according to online information the government is now working in this scheme for age candidates etc. Thinking for a job.

Now friends, thousands of workers registered under this Ishram card scheme will be eligible to get job opportunity based on their eligibility keeping in mind their age. For job opportunities under this scheme after the start the workers registered on Ishram card will be eligible to get 300 rupees per day i.e. 5000 rupees per month i.e. Through this Ishram card scheme, assistance of five thousand rupees per month will be available.

E Labor Card PDF

For e Shram Card PDF Application Form :  Click Here

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