Driving license? The simple way is to spend only Rs 400 – share it with friends

By | June 20, 2019

Driving license? The simple way is to spend only Rs 400 – share it with friends

There is no time in today’s fast-era or say there is not enough understanding and do not want to take it, so agents have come for every government work from birth certificate to a driving license. Reach these posts to more friends and save the cost of friends.

સરકારી ભરતી વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપ

બી.પી.એલ ની યાદી

નવી ભરતી ની માહિતી

Almost everywhere you will get an agent. Usually, we help the agent in order to save time and avoid fraud and office fraud. But having an agent here costs more money than needed and these costs are not affordable to almost everyone, so today we will tell you how to deal with a driving license without an agent? So let’s know something new

Friends, how to drive a driving license and what to do? They do not have enough information because they do not have an agent. Friends! You know that the cost of licenses is only 400 rupees !! When an agent is taking the money from 2000 to 2500.

Friends, people who have left the license can fill the form themselves by following the steps given below:

(1) First open the computer at https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice15/stateSelection.do then select Gujarat State there.

(2) Then click on Apply Online and click on the link named “New Learner Licence” so that the form will open.
(3) After completing the full form there, click on the Save button. Open the saved PDF file then click on submit button below.
(4) After submitting, the application number will be generated, note that number.

(5) Then print the form by clicking on the link called Print Application Form.
(6) Then click on Appointment for Slot booking link.
(7) LLTest Slot Booking -> LL TEST APPOINTMENTS
(8) Print the letter by typing the application number by typing it on the day you are free.
(9) After that time, on the day of the time, the copy of the form, the living certificate, the two photos of the passport, the letter of the time book, the letter of the ration card, the card of the verse, take the copy of the evidence that you take along all the original Going Go to RTO Office and take Form No. 2. Which will be 5 rupees.

(10) If you pass a test, you will be given a learning license.
(11) If you become frail then go back the next day. For which to fill the 50 rupees again, the test should be done.
(12) If you pass, after 30 days, open the https://parivahan.gov.in/slots15/loginPage.do website, click on the DLTest Slot Booking option, LL NO OK, after GJ04 there is a space.

(13) After L L NO, after the birth date, click on the button to fix the test time and reach that day in an hour so that it does not have to be in the line.
(14) When you go, take the fees for full access and learning license and form number-4 from the RTO side. Which will be 5 rupees.
(15) If passed, driving license will come home.
Friends, this website is very useful for any work of RTO. Note: www.parivahan.gov.in
Click Here For Gujarati PDF Of Driving license

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