Contract / Now flying cars will be made in Gujarat, will run on the road and fly, but see how this car will be

By | March 10, 2020

Now cars will not only run in Gujarat but fly.  PAL-V flying car that will fly in the air.  A car can fly like a plane on a road.  This car will be made in Gujarat.  Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has signed a contract with the Netherlands, the world’s first flying car manufacturer, to produce the car insurance.

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  •  A flying car will be made in Gujarat
  •  Agreement with the Company of the Netherlands
  •  How about a flying car?

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani called on officials of the company PAL-V in the Netherlands.  Gujarat government has signed a MOU with Netherlands company PAL-V insurance.

According to which the Netherlands will bring this project to Gujarat and its production will be started by 2021 insurance.

It is important that the Netherlands has been participating in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit as a partner country for the last three years.  MoU has also signed with the state government on agriculture, renewable energy, ports, smart cities and water management.  How will this be?

How will the car be in insurance?

The car will initially be made available in Britain, Europe and North America.  However, it is expected to be available in Asian cities amid reports that India has a plan.  According to the company, the price of this car will be approximately Rs 3 crore in Indian currency.  The company has so far pre-booked flying cars at a cost of £ 3.20 million Loans.

This car will Loans run for 1287 km on a three-wheeler road and will fly 482 km in the air.  The car’s petrol tank will be 100 liters. The car Loans will also be powered by petrol. The speed Loans on this car’s road will be 160 km / h.  While the speed.

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