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Central Bank of India Credit Card Detail

Central Bank of India offers credit cards that have a EMV Microchip embedded. This chip enhances protection against duplication and misuse of the card. With Central Bank of India, stay assured to get your problems will be resolved quickly with the help of the 24/7 customer care service. Get cash any time you need with your Central Bank of India… Read More »

Benefits of Best Term Insurance

Term insurance plans secure your family’s financial future even when you are not around. These plans are considered by many as one of the basic financial necessities of life, especially in today’s times. Term insurance plans also have multiple features and benefits, right from affordable premiums to riders for additional covers. Term insurance plans offer financial security for… Read More »

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Plan

HDFC Bank offers a variety of life insurance plans, including term, whole, endowment, and Unit-Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs). Here are some of their plans. This plan offers financial coverage for family in case of death, and premiums can be paid annually. The maximum policy term is 30 years and the maximum maturity age is 65 years. The company… Read More »

Kotak Mahindra Life Term Insurance Plan

Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance is a private Indian insurance company that offers a variety of insurance products, including life, savings, protection, wealth, and retirement. The company was founded in 2001 and has 46 million customers in 148 cities and towns across India. Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance’s customer service number is +91 1800 209 8800.  Kotak Mahindra Group is a reputed… Read More »

ICICI Prudential Life Term Insurance Plan

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance started its operations in 2001. The life insurance arm was established as a joint venture between ICICI Bank Limited and Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited with assets under management (AUM) of approx. ₹1 billion (US$13 million). In 2005, the company crossed the mark of 1 million policies.In 2008, it crossed the mark of 5 million… Read More »

SBI Life Term Insurance Plan

SBI Life has a unique micro-insurance term plan for below the poverty line persons with a maximum premium amount of Rs. 2000 and a maximum sum assured of Rs. 50,000.   But their regular term plan is SBI- Life Smart Shield that comes with two structures – Increasing Term Assurance Under this the sum assured automatically increases by… Read More »

IDBI Bank Functions and Services

IDBI is a specialised financial institution in India that plays a crucial role in promoting industrial and infrastructure development in the country. It was established in 1964 under an Act of Parliament as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and was later transferred to the Government of India. IDBI serves as the principal financial… Read More »