Breaking News Talati Bharti

By | September 21, 2021

Breaking News Talati Bharti

Want to experience a whole new world of fantasy cricket and football games? Join Howzat, India’s most trusted fantasy cricket app! With over 3 million users on board, we provide the best fantasy cricket game experience to our users. Use your skills to create the best fantasy cricket or football team and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

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Howzat allows you to play fantasy sports like cricket and football using your skills and knowledge of sports. And we’re here to make your life simple by turning your sports fantasy into reality. Playing fantasy cricket is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is choose an upcoming match, create your own dream team by selecting players from two real teams that will be playing a real-world match, and you’re done!

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Circular: In view of the recent outbreak of Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in the public interest as well as the health and well-being of government employees. Gate no. In relation to the visitors admitted through the entrance pass at Gate No. 1 and Gate No. 2, the entry of the visitors was prohibited except by the circular No. (1) which is not very necessary for the citizens / visitors and the entry of these visitors is prohibited by the circular issued from time to time. Kept intact. In the new Secretariat complex, Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble. Offices of Ministers (Golden Complex-1 and 2) are the offices of other office bearers as well as administrative departments and other offices of the Secretariat. As per the circulars read, the entry of visitors in the new Secretariat Complex is prohibited.

Guide / Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and careful consideration by the Government in the public interest. Admission will be given as per routine during the working days in the new secretariat complex with effect from 31/03/2071. (1) As part of the preventive measures taken by the State Government to control the Novel Corona virus, citizens / visitors entering the Secretariat through Gate No. 1 and Gate No. 2 of the new Secretariat must enter wearing a mask / face cover. Facilities should be provided by the Department of Health and Family Welfare to the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Security) / Home Department. (3) Citizens / visitors are checked with a thermal scanner / infrared gun before being admitted from Gate, 1 and Gate No. 2 of the new Secretariat and standard operating procedure for keeping social distance between the employees on duty during the entire admission process.

According to him, the arrangement / arrangement has to be made by the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Security) 7 Home Department. (2) With regard to the security and safety of the Secretariat complex along with the instructions of the above mentioned orders 1 and 2, regarding the admission of the public / visitors on 31/12/2009.

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તલાટી ભરતીની ફી પરત કરાશે,નવેસરથી ફોર્મ ભરાશે – READ HERE.

Circular No.: Sapna – 112008-405-9 and Dt. 3/4/2008 No.: With the implementation of the instructions published from the circulars of Sapna 112008-2016-2, as per the routine to the citizens / visitors from Gate No. 1 and Gate No. 2 of the new Secretariat. Admission must be granted.

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