These stalwarts who became overnight stars due to viral videos, no one knows where they are today, see what they are doing now

By | March 8, 2023

In this post, we are going to talk about artists who have become famous overnight with their different arts and skills in the internet world, which is nowhere to be found in social media today.

stars due to viral videos

YouTube, Instagram reels, or Tiktok, shorts video made people so addicted to reels that today people are seen making reels in every street. So many reel makers have become overnight stars on the internet. Many stars are still hits today while some celebrities are far from the limelight. Some got fame, some couldn’t handle the fame. Know about those sensational social media stars who were hits once, but today no one is even willing to discuss them.

This is number one in the list. Priya Prakash Warrior

1) Priya Prakash Warrior

Almost everyone must have heard this name. And if not, then Priya Prakash’s smile must be remembered. 8-9 years ago, when Tiktok or Instagram Reels had not started, Priya Prakash made a splash on the entire internet. Priya Prakash Warrier, who suddenly went viral in 2019, was once in the news. The world was crazy behind his smile and wink.

oru adaar love

A 10-second clip of a song from the film Oru Udara Love made Priya an internet sensation. So many funny reels were also made with this reel. After going viral, Priya got several film projects. But they could not make their own identity. Currently, he appears in South films. But even in that he could not achieve a special place.

Mandal of Ra

Raan Mandal, who shot to fame overnight singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song “Ik Pyaarka Nag Main Hai” at a railway station in 2019, is one of the stars who couldn’t digest success, and is living a different life today. Someone uploads a video of Ranu Mondal singing on social media and then people do the rest.

ek pyarka naagma hai feat ranu mondal viral train video

After becoming famous, Rannu Mandal was given a platform by Himesh Reshammiya. And sang his Teri Meri Teri Meri song which became very popular and now more than 18 crore people have listened to this song on YouTube.

teri meri kahani feat ranu mondal and himesh reshmiya

But then Ranu Mandal was haunted by the specter of arrogance. And today no one takes Rannu Mandal seriously. The extent happened when a media reporter went to his house and saw him making tea on a candle. That is why it has been said that success and money come only to those who can digest it.



Ranu Mondal

Sahadev of Bachpan Ka Pyaar fame

This little star who became famous by singing love song became viral overnight. There was a time when only this song could be heard on Instagram YouTube and Tik Tok.

This song, put just for fun and humor, made Sahadev an overnight star. At least the emperor gave Sahadeva a chance to sing with him. More than 48 crore people have watched Ageet with Badshah on YouTube.

bachpan ka pyar feat sahdev dirdo and badshah

Viral Boy Sahadev couldn’t do much after singing Baspan Ka Pyaar song. They keep posting reel videos on Insta. Now his lifestyle has changed a lot but he is not as famous as before.

Bhuvan Bandyakar

Bhuvan Bandyakar, who made a living by selling groundnuts on the streets of West Bengal to support his household, became so famous that his song Bachpan Ka Pyaar broke all language barriers for the entire world. His style of selling peanuts was different.

kacha badam original song feat bhuvan bandhiyakr

He became famous by singing this song and also gave success to many artists like Anjali Arora. Then his song was recorded and published, but later when he spoke to the media, it was found that he received only a small amount of money from this song and since then his life is passing in the circle of copyright.

Anjali Arora

anjali arora

Anjali Arora became famous overnight by humming the song sung by Kacha Badam fame Bhuvan Bandyakar. Millions of people liked her video on Instagram. After which she was also seen in Kangana Ranaut’s show Lockup. Now he has many followers on Instagram. And he keeps in touch with his fans and always updates.

Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja Fame Ayesha

image credit ( ayesha instagram )

Wearing a simple and sober opening dress, Ayesha who performed thumka at the wedding on the song Mera Dil Ye Pukar Aaja had no idea that she would become an overnight internet sensation from the hook up steps on which she performed the thumka.

Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja feat Ayesha

This song became so viral that even big celebrities used to dance on Ayesha’s hookup steps. But many real celebs who became famous from a rils have come back to earth. Ayesha is one of them. Ayesha made many real rila after this song but after that not a single video of her went viral.

Readers, these were the stars who became famous overnight. Whose reels did you like the most? Please tell in the comment box.

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