Addressing the nation: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

By | June 7, 2021

Addressing the nation: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 5 pm today. The PMO tweeted this information. However, the tweet did not specify what Modi’s address would be about. This will be the Prime Minister’s 9th address to the nation during Corona’s tenure.

Modi can speak on these 5 issues
1. According to sources, Narendra Modi can talk about vaccination. It can raise awareness about vaccination as well as clarify its stock and availability status.
2. Anything can be announced before the third wave of Corona in the country.
3. Anything can be announced for the damage done to the country’s economy during the Corona.
4. Unlock is going on in many states in the country, meanwhile a message of caution can also be given.
5. The challenges of the health sector can be discussed in view of the third wave.

In the previous message, Modi had said these 5 things. I would also urge states to use lockdown as a last resort. Every effort has to be made to avoid lockdown. The focus is on the micro content zone. 2. He spoke on Navratri, Ram Navami and Ramzan. Limits Purushotam Shriram’s message to all of us is that we should abide by the limits. Whatever measures you take to avoid corona should be strictly adhered to. Even medicine, even a cauldron. Ramadan teaches us patience, restraint, discipline. Discipline is needed in the fight against Corona. Exit only when needed. 3. The country is once again fighting a very big battle against Corona. The second wave came as a storm. I have experienced the pain that people have endured, the pain that they are enduring. My condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones in the last few days. 4. All the doctors of the country, including medical-para-medical staff, cleaners, ambulance drivers, security forces, policemen deserve all praise. You even risked your life in the first wave of Corona. Today you are back on duty day and night. 5. This time the demand for oxygen has increased in many parts of the country due to the crisis of corona. The central government, the state government, the private sector are all trying their best to provide oxygen to the needy. Measures are also being taken at many levels to increase oxygen production and supply.

Corona has addressed the country 8 times so far

First time: March 19, 2020-29 minute speech, public curfew appeal.

Second time: March 24, 2020-29 minute speech, announcement of 21 days lockdown.

Third time: 3 April 2020- 12 minutes video message, 9 minutes appeal to turn off the lights.

Fourth time: 14 April 2020-25 minute speech, lockdown extended to 3 May in the country

Fifth time: 12 May 2020- 33 minutes speech, Rs 20 lakh crore package for self-reliant India campaign.

Sixth time: 30 June 2020- 17 minutes speech, announcement to extend food plan till November.

Seventh time: October 20, 2020 – 8 days before the voting in Bihar, he appealed – unless there is corona medicine, there is no relaxation.

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Eighth time: 20 April 2021- 19 minutes speech, states told to save the country from lockdown. The government should use it as a last resort.

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