Whatsapp’s new feature

By | November 4, 2020

Whatsapp’s new feature

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No one knows how many messages are sent daily on WhatsApp. Every day thousands of chit-chat messages are sent out of which our important messages get very old at times. Now a new feature is to be added to WhatsApp, which will automatically delete your old messages and chats. With this feature, users’ messages will automatically disappear. If you use Gmail, Signal, Telegram or Snapchat, you know that messaging is already available on these platforms. In this feature, messages disappear after a specified time. Now WhatsApp is also working on this feature. After which, the user will see or read the message on WhatsApp or the message will disappear immediately.

However, WhatsApp users will be able to set the time with the message. That is, the message will be automatically deleted after set time.

WeBetainfo provided the information

Let us tell you, the information about this new feature has come out from the recently published FAQ page. According to information released by WABetaInfo, this feature will only be valid for seven days. In WhatsApp, users will not have a customized option for the message to disappear on their behalf. However, this feature is available on Telegram. In which you can set the expiration of the message according to you. This feature of WhatsApp is quite different from the feature released in public beta for Android users last year. In the old version, a message was allowed to disappear after a certain period of time.

Now after the rollout of the new feature, like the expiration message feature, this feature will allow users to send expiring media that will automatically disappear after the message recipient leaves the chat.

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