WhatsApp APK will provide true information associated with corona virus, saved from rumors

WhatsApp APK use for instant messaging we use. But Watsap will now provide latest information linked to Corona virus. For it, WhatsApp has tie-up with WHO, Yunisef, Yunissef (UNICEF), Yunisef (UNICEF), Yunisef) and Global Fact Checking Network Pointer (Poynter).

You will be advised how you join away from work places, do not let the rumors do not let the rumors and how to raise the corresponding source of corona virus. Facebook owned WhatsApp, owns information to the whole world. (You can access this information by clicking here)

WhatsApp has given the International Fact Checking Network for the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN), which is Rs 7.5 crore. This fund will help the corona virus to check the fact. It has been constructed about 100 local organizational consortiums for its 45 countries.

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For this, people will be informed of advanced features of WhatsApp, so that the false information spread about Corona’s virus can be stopped. This step washes has ledged at a time when the constant wrong instructions are being spread by Corona’s virus. Until that there are also information about the corona with many sores, it is also being informed that the good can do more damage. It is noteworthy, with it, Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have also made all the efforts to spread false information about Corona. However, WhatsApp Corona’s virus hub is still available only by the web browser. It did not integrate with WhatsApp android and iPhone App.

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