By | February 28, 2020
India is a land of agriculture. It is the largest producer of many crops and agricultural products in the world. Crops are transported across the country throughout the year while a huge part of them is exported outside the country too. One of the major challenges hampering the growth of agricultural sector is finding ways to store them adequately. The abundant produce requires high quality storage solutions until they reach the end consumer. The Warehouse Development and Regulatory Authority of India assists in setting up of warehouses and cold storage facilities to aid producers.
There is a huge demand for warehouses that are easily accessible and provide high protection from natural calamities, rodents and other damaging elements. Banks and other financial institutions have numerous loan products to aid in the building and setting up of a warehouse.
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NABARD – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, comes in first with its financial assistance scheme for setting up of warehouse, cold storage and cold chain infrastructure.
State Bank of India, Bank of India and IDBI Bank too have loan schemes specifically for setting up of warehouses and cold storage infrastructure.
  • 1. On the iKhedut portal that anyone can apply to the schemes available at that time.
  • 2. Eligibility and non-eligibility of the application which is determined by the designated officer on the basis of site inspection or manual verification of records.
  • Whether the application is eligible or not in the status application which is updated by the authorized person.
  • 3. Pre-Approving Officer pre-approves applications.
  • 4. Verification work is also thoroughly done after thorough site inspection / record inspection.
  • 5. Pre-Approval Order and Payment Order are signed by the competent authority.
:: Contact for Plans ::
  • Difficulty applying or if there are any problems with the account
  • Contact the District Agriculture Officer for farming plans
  • Contact the District Horticulture Officer for horticultural projects
  • Contact the District Animal Husbandry Officer for pastoral plans
  • Contact the District Fisheries Officer for Fisheries Plans
  • Contact the District Land and Water Conservation Officer for land and water conservation
  • Contact the District Agro Industries Officer for Gujarat Agro Industries
  • Agriculture / Animal Husbandry / Horticulture / Fisheries / Land and Water Conservation Plans
  • Godown Assistance Scheme for Credit Co-operative Societies
  • Support Schemes of Gausewa and Gauchar Development Board, Gujarat
  • Godown Scheme – 5% Capital Subsidy

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