Use anyone’s WiFi without a password

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Use anyone’s WiFi without a password.

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Anyone can use WiFi even without password, this is the easy way.

The internet has an important role to play in our lives. Especially when it comes to lockdown, the internet has made our job easier. Being confined at home people are also very active on social media and this is the reason why everyone always wants to stay connected to the internet. But sometimes we need WiFi in case we use more data. It also happens that someone comes to us and asks us to share the Wi-Fi password.

Many times we even go there to someone else and express a desire to use their Wi-Fi. But someone is hesitant to ask for their Wi-Fi password.

Sometimes it happens that we ask for the password but the Wi-Fi is disconnected due to a weak signal or a connection problem, and then it doesn’t seem appropriate to ask for the password again. So did you know that we can connect to WiFi even without a password. One way we can connect is by asking someone for a password. For this we can connect to Wi-Fi by adopting the technique of scanning the QR code. It’s easy for both Android and iOS users. To do this you need to follow some very simple steps.

One thing to note is that there are sites that convert Wi-Fi names and passwords into QR codes. Such as, and Let’s know what is the process?

Step 1: Visit any of these websites and select ‘WiFi Network’ or ‘WiFi Login’ here.
Step 2: Type the name of the Wi-Fi in the SSID section.
Step 3: Then type the password.
Step 4: Select the network type.
Step 5: Click on Generate or download QR code.




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