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Telephonic survey launched in the country to find out the symptoms of coronas: call from this number

Both the fear and the rage of the corona virus are increasing. In many states of the country, the number of people infected with Covid 19 is increasing rapidly. One lakh 69 thousand people have died so far due to this deadly virus infection. In India, the central government is taking steps to control coronavirus infection. In this… Read More »

India has immense potential to defeat Corona

India has immense potential to defeat Corona.India will wait for countries of the world. The World Health Organization has raised expectations from India amid growing cases of coronas worldwide. On Monday, WHO’s Executive Director. Michael J. Ryan said, “India is a large populous country like China, and its long-term consequences will depend on what the big populous countries… Read More »

Wuhan was finally Free from Corona,China announced Insurance Mortgage

Corona virus has dropped from Wuhan in China  The virus originated from the city of Wuhan, which is now released 180 days later.  Wuhan’s seafood market, considered to be the epicenter of the virus, has reopened.  Currently there are no new cases reported in Wuhan, and the city is gradually losing its normal life.  The entire Hubei province… Read More »