State Government Land Will be Given on a 30-year Lease to Public

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State Government Land Will be Given on a 30-year Lease to Public

Government land will be given on a 30-year lease.

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The leaseholder will be able to produce energy by installing a solar panel-windmill for his own use only but will not be able to sell it. In case of return of land before the expiry of the lease period, no compensation will be payable by the government.

Non-fertile government lands in various districts of the state will be leased for the cultivation of horticultural and medicinal crops using modern technology.

New employment opportunities will be created by increasing the production and income of Agro-horticultural crops.

The government can offer fallow land for cultivation: Government fallow lands are hired for horticultural-medicinal cultivation for an amount of thirty years, no rent is charged for the primary 5 years.


Leaseholders for the project are given priority help as per the prevailing standards for the contemporary technological drip-sprinkler-fountain system.

CM Horticulture Development Mission

Lease applications will be scrutinized and verified by the State Technical Committee. In the first phase of the scheme, Kutch, Surendranagar, Patan, Sabarkantha, and Banaskantha consists of five districts. Exemption from converted tax of land.

Sarkari Padtar Jamin CM Horticulture Development Mission 2021 | Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas MissionThe Gujarat government will give government lands to the people for 30 Year Lease.


  • 1 To 05 Year Zero Rupees
  • 6 To 1o Year 100 Rupees Per Acre Every Year
  • 11 To 20 Year 250 Rupees Per Acre Every Year
  • 21 To 30 Year 500 Rupees Per Acre Every Year

Security Deposit

  •  2500/- Rupees per acre Land allotment will have to be filled simultaneously.


  • Government land will be given on a 30-year lease to double the income of farmers in 2022.
  • No fee will be charged for 5 years.
  • The rent will be Rs.100 to Rs.500 per acre for 6 to30 years.
  • At present 50,000 acres of land will be allotted in 5 districts Like.

Official circular  Government GR Download

Web site for apply Application i khedut

Watch Full Video  TUTORIAL VIDEO

  • Kutch
  • Surendranagar
  • Patan
  • Sabarkantha and
  • Banaskantha

To get this land to have to apply application on the IKhedut portal it does not start yet. The project will get a minimum of 125 acres and a maximum of 1000 acres of land. Leaseholders will receive up to 70% assistance for drip or sprinkler systems.

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