Reduce Your Eye Number

By | March 14, 2021

Reduce Your Eye Number

Spectacles have become such a thing in today’s life. It is becoming a common thing even in young children starting from an older person and if you have glasses from a young age, you should understand how much you have in your eyes at a young age and cure it at home. But there will be a number. You will get rid of it. You don’t need any operation or medicine to get the number of eyes. Just do it.

The reason for the number in the eyes

The most important reason is not paying enough attention to the eyes which causes the eyes to get numb quickly. Another reason is the lack of vitamin A in the food which makes the eyes weak at an early age. The last reason is that sitting in front of the computer for hours or working or using a mobile phone or watching TV makes the time come sooner.

There are a number of reasons why our eyes get numb so quickly and we have to wear glasses and even young children have to resort to these glasses. There are a few reasons why numbers can come. . And this number is also increasing due to TV mobiles so let us know how to eliminate eye deficiency and eye number and take care of eyes.

With such an experiment, the number of eyes will disappear and the number of eyes will disappear.

The first experiment –

Take a few nuts, dried grapes and anise to make a powder of these three things. Taking it with milk before going to bed at night increases eyesight and does not increase the number of eyes. Better results can be obtained by warming the milk a little.

The second experiment –

Sugarcane and banana consumption increase the brightness of the eyes. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of sugarcane juice and drink it to increase the brightness of the eyes. Sugarcane contains many elements that cool the eyes and are also very beneficial for the body. People with diabetes should refrain from this experiment if the doctor forbids sugarcane juice.

The third experiment –

Eat green vegetables like green coriander / coriander to brighten the eyes and also drink green coriander juice daily which helps in reducing the number of eyes. Then eat more carrots, beets, etc.

Experiment 4 –

Applying rose water drops in the eyes gives relief to the eyes. Doing this at an interval of 2 hours. At night, apply it once at bedtime and after 2 hours, go to bed a second time. Insist on using pure rose water instead of the mixed rose water available in the market.

Fifth Experiment –

Consumption of dried grapes increases the ability to see at night. Dried grapes should also be consumed at night and in the morning which also cures many diseases in the body and consumption at night is very beneficial to the eyes. But be careful not to consume too much dried grapes.

Experiment 6 –

Fill a copper vessel with water at night and drinking that water in the morning is very beneficial for the body and cleansing the eyes with the same water in the morning helps in cooling the eyes and lowering the number of eyes.

Stop doing this one thing specially so as not to damage the eyes.

Follow the steps mentioned above to calculate the number of eyes. But at the same time, you should use TV and mobile as little as possible so that your good eyes are not damaged. Because, nowadays, this is the only job that gives 60% more chances to get eye number.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે ક્લિક કરો 

An important thing is that today’s children get glasses at an early age. Yes a child has inherited numbers but most of the present day children have numbers due to TV and mobile. To control it, ask children to reduce their use of TV and mobile and send them out to play in the open field so that they are in good health and no harm to eyes. Does not happen.

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