Now, not every year but 6 months salary will increase

By | March 6, 2020

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Now,not every year but 6 months salary will be increased, the government is making plans.Modi government is happy over employees.

Every employee who is employed is in the same wait all year, his salary will be increased once a year, but if salary is increased twice a year? So if you get a pay increase every 6 months, what would you say? For any employee working in the industrial sector, it is like a Surprise Gift or Diwali Gift.

The central government is preparing a plan to curb inflation. Under which the inflation will be increased according to the new inflation index to reduce the burden of rising inflation on the employees. As a rule, the celery inflation of about 30 million employees working in the industrial sector will increase every 6 months, in line with the increase.

This will reduce the impact of rising inflation on employees. According to a Newspaper report, a high-level committee of the government has fixed a new basis for the Consumer Price Index for employees working in the industrial sector, in which the inflation allowance will be linked to this index.

It may be recalled that on 27th of last month an important meeting was held under the leadership of the Chief Labor and Employment Adviser. A new series of Consumer Price Indexes has been approved for industrial sector employees. The year 2016 has been made the basis for that.
Now, not every year but 6 months salary will increase

The Modi government’s decision will benefit 3 crore workers working in the industrial sector.

For 2016 was made the base year. The decision will benefit about 30 million employees of the organized industrial sector in the country. The inflation allowance of the central government and private sector employees is calculated every 6 months. The CPI-IW is used for this. But there has been no research at CPI-IW since 2001 when it had to be changed every five years.

The old basis of CPI is not consistent with current calculations

The Central Government and the Private Sector Employees’ Union also resorted to CPI-IW figures to raise the minimum wage of employees during the seven pay scales. But the old basis of the CPI is not in line with current calculations. Because the customer format has changed significantly in the last two decades. Certain items and prices are monitored to calculate inflation.

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