New traffic rules from today

By | September 15, 2020

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New traffic rules from today

The Gujarat Government has made changes in the Motor Vehicle Act. The Rupani government has announced the rules for motor vehicles just days after heavy fines were levied under the revised Motor Vehicle Act in September. The new rules for traffic rules in the state will come into effect from September 16. The government has amended the Motor Vehicle Act to make it a criminal offense.

Governments have turned a blind eye to the fact that motorists are knowingly and unknowingly breaking the law.

With traffic increasing day by day, motorists no longer have to fear traffic laws. While the government is sending e-memos to punish such drivers, he also found a crack in this. Such drivers started turning number plates. But now even this crack doesn’t seem to work because the system has tightened the rules for it too.

If the number plate is tampered with or tampered with, an offense will be registered against the driver under section of IPC. The traffic police have stepped in to prosecute non-bailable offenses.

Traffic police are in action mode to make motorists aware of the law. The system is in place to tighten law and order. Citizens are violating the law as if making fun of it. The exercise of strengthening law and order has been carried out only to make the drivers aware of these rules.

An offense will be registered against the driver if the RTO’s HSRP number plate is affixed and tampered with. In addition, those who do not wear helmets will have to pay heavy fines. Police are now activated via e-memo. Those who do not wear helmets will be fined via e-memo. At the same time, the owner of the vehicle will be arrested and jailed.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that thousands of innocent people lose their lives every year due to road accidents. The Center had recently announced a hefty fine for enforcing the new Motor Vehicle Act but the state government has revised the amount of fines exercising its discretion. At the same time, the government has limited the speed limit to 50 kmph in villages, 60 kmph in cities and 70 kmph in metros.


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