Maa and Vatsalya card scheme were linked with Ayushman Bharat card

By | October 28, 2020

Maa and Vatsalya card scheme were linked with Ayushman Bharat card

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for heart patients, on wheel and telecast cardiology service started UN Increasing the capacity of 450 beds in Mehta Hospital, the Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel of 1251 beds was said in the ‘Auntish Establishment Prime Minister Jan Health Plan’ and announced the integration of the Auntya Card plan in and in But now the state patients have to be simplicity in the treatment and covering the treatment of more diseases, both cards have been linked to the Aurushian India card. Taking a basis with this card will be available for free to take five lakh rupees in the prescribed hospital. People will find all the benefits under this scheme, added that the benefits of being treated for free million in the state of the poor middle-class family by the State Government, and the benefits of being treated for five lakhs under the conversality of the serious illness, also the benefits of life expectancy I.c.c.u.

On-wheel and telece cardiology service, the releases on the occasion of reinforcement of new facilities in the UN Institute of Cardiology of Cardiology of Cardiology and Research Center of Ahmedabad Service He said that, UN The diagnosis and treatment of children with a heart deficiency will be easy to decrease, which will reduce the child’s defect, which will be reduced to the heart defects for children in Mehta Cardiac Hospital. UN Patients who want to get the care of cardiosis treatment, increasing the capacity of 450 beds in Mehta Hospital were now increasing. He added that this hospital is paid by the state government to be granted by the state government to 80% of the state government. UN in the Civil Complex Child Hyndi Hospital is the first super-specialty cardiac hospital, which is the first super-specialty cardiac hospital in Child Hyndi Hospital, which is made separately at the cost of 470 crore for children at Mehta Heart Hospital. UN In Mehta Hospital, the state of Gujarat and the state is rushed to treat the heart. Small children can be treated with special care, with the way to the target of the Uttarine Chief Minister and the present Prime Minister Modi, who was dreaming of the Hyndical Hospital Hospital, which has been prepared in the true sense of being prepared. Which medical services are covered by UN This kind of first hospital is the first hospital in India’s hibernation throughout the Hyndiop hospital built in Mehta Institute. In which patients will be easily found in heart and lung transplant.

The specific diagnosis and treatment of children coming from the interior area is due to the telecardology program. He added, 15 cardiac operations theater in the UN Mehta Institute, 5 Cathlab with Cardiciac Cathlab, a Hybrid Cardicaq Operation Theater, 17 Surgical Medical ICCU for Bed, 355 Adult, General Ward for Children with Healthy Difficulty Children, General Ward for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Patients for Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery for Cardiology for 505 Adult, 67 Sp 12 Heart and Lung Machine and operating with the Cooler Unit, Fiber Technology based on 35 intra-arootic balloon pumps are employed. Patients will be helpful in improving enough oxygen need and cardiac output. As many as 12 and the lung machine has been employed with Hitter and Cooler Unit, which will be extremely helpful during surgery. Ultrasonic cutting and coguilt system has been employed in the hospital, which RF The soft tissue and vessel will be helpful in sealing using energy. Other equipment 4 unmo system, a VATS System, 2 Andesoscopic Wayne Harvesting System, A 3-D Mapping System, Numeting Tube Transport System, Portable 2-D Eco and Color

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