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yMukhyamantri Amrutam “MA”

For people who are living below poverty line & lower income group, an illness not only represents a permanent threat to their income and earning capacity, but in many cases it results in the family falling into a trap of debt. When need to get treatment arises for a poor family they often ignore it because of lack of resources, fearing loss of wages, or they wait till the last moment when it is too late. Health and poverty are interwoven. These families are pushed into a vicious debt poverty cycle due to excessive expenditures arising out of catastrophic health shocks.

To address this key vulnerability faced by the BPL population in the Gujarat, Mukhyamantri Amrutam “MA” Yojana was launched on 4th September, 2012 by Government of Gujarat.

“MA Vatsalya” Yojana

When in the Lower middle class families, critical illness occur and when such families are not included in the definition of BPL so they cannot get free treatment, and they are not able to spend money for critical illness. So, Based on feedback from various stakeholders, the Scheme was extended to “all the families having an annual income Rs.1.20 lakh or below Rs.1.20 lakh per annum names as Mukhyamantri Amrutam Vatsalya” in August 2014.

 On 18/10/2017, the limit of income is been increased from Rs. 1.50 lakh to Rs. 2.50 lakh per annum for “MA Vatsalya” beneficiaries

  • All beneficiaries can avail cashless quality medical and surgical treatment for catastrophic illnesses related to:
  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • Renal (Kidney) diseases,
  • Neurological diseases,
  • Burns,
  • Poly-Trauma,
  • Cancer (Malignancies), and
  • Neo-natal (newborn) diseases which covers 628 defined procedures along with their follow ups.

The Sum assured is up to Rs.2,00,000/- per family per annum on a family floater basis.

Rs. 300/- is paid to the beneficiary as transportation charges for every instance of availing treatment from the empanelled hospital.

Benefits to a unit of five members of the family (Head of family, spouse, and three dependents). A newborn is covered as 6th member of the family during that financial year.

For beneficiaries enrolment, Taluka kiosks and Civic Centre kiosks have been established at the Taluka and City civic center Kiosk where beneficiaries can enroll themselves, can get his/her card split, can addition/deletion of family members, and can get a new card in case of lost card. Mobile kiosks are also provided at each district for growingly enrollment.

Now let’s talk about the validity of MA Amrutam Card.

Well, if you read the eligibility for the MA Amrutam vatsalya card you will catch that candidate or beneficiary Must belong to the BPL Category. That means the annual income of the beneficiary of Amurtam yojana should be less then 4 lakh per annum.

To prove that your annual income is less then eligibility income, you have to provide the income certificate.

Now the validity of the income certificate is 3 years. Which means if you have to issue new certificate after 3 years. Now if your income has increased in 3 years then you will get the certificate stating your current increased income.

So after 3 years, if your income has been increased and you are not currently below the poverty line then you are not eligible for the MA Amrutam Vatsalya card according to the new income certificate. That’s why your previous MA Amrutam card is not valid.

So if i summarize all the details, then your MA Amrutam card validity is 3 years maximum.

Now as per the rule of government if your income has increased within 3 years of issuing the income certificate then you have to voluntarily announce your income infront of authority and issue a new certificate.

How to check MA Amrutam Card Validity Online ?

Lots of people were asking us questions about the the checking of validity. Their main concern is “is there any way to check the validity of MA Amrutam vatsalya card online ?” and if yes then how to.

Well, we have looked into this matter but we don’t think there’s any way you can check the validity online. You can visit the official portal if you want for validity. All you will find i pdf about how you are no longer valid for the MA Card if your income has increased.

If you still are concern that your MA Card is valid or not then you can check the issuing date and if its been 3 years then your validity has expired.

Also you can call the helpline number from the website.

They have toll free contact number which is : Toll Free : 1800-233-1022. You can ask all the questions there about validity of amrutam card and other queries.

If you come to the conclusion that your validity has expired than you can visit the nearest kiosk with your expired MA Card and income certificate and they will renew it. The only thing matters is income certificate stating that you are still currently eligible to take benefits of Amrutam card.

There are total 5395795 valid MA card issued till the current date. If you want to contact through email id then you can go to the and click on the contact option in the menu bar. There you will find the contact email of bunch of committee members and other authorized persons. You can ask about the validity of your card there.

MA website is & Toll free number is 1800-233-1022.

Features of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana

Some of the notable features of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana can be given as follows:

  • This scheme offers a sum insured amount of Rs.3 lakh on a floater basis
  • Five members of a family can avail the benefits under the scheme.
  • There is no cost incurred by beneficiaries as this is a 100% government funded scheme.
  • A quick response coded card (QR coded card) is issued to families that avail coverage under this scheme.
  • Since this is not an insurance policy, there are no intermediaries involved in the coverage process.The state government transfers the benefit amount through RTGS.
  • Complete cashless coverage can be obtained under this scheme as the government bears all costs including treatment expenses, follow-up consultation, medicines, and transportation etc.
  • The claim is settled on a paperless basis to make the claim settlement faster.
  • The network hospitals empanelled under this scheme include private hospitals, government hospitals, and standalone dialysis centers.
  • There is no specific time frame for beneficiary enrollment, and people can sign up for this cover anytime of the year.
  • Civic Centre kiosks and Taluka kiosks have been set up for the beneficiaries so that they can enrol themselves or make any additions or deletions under the scheme.
  • Mega health camps and General Health camps are set up by public and private empanelled hospitals.

MA CARD તમને મળશે કે નહીં આ રીતે કરો ઑનલાઈન ચૅક, જાણો સંપૂર્ણ હોસ્પિટલ લિસ્ટ

Benefits of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana

Benefits Extent of coverage
Medical expenses Up to Rs.3 lakh on a family floater basis
Transportation charges Rs.300 for every instance of hospitalisation
Transportation allowance following the death of the patient Rs.6 per km
Kidney Transplant Rs.5 lakh
Liver Transplant Rs.5 lakh
Kidney + Pancreas Transplant Rs.5 lakh
Knee and hip replacement Rs.40,000

Exclusions of Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana

There are no specific exclusions listed out under Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana. This scheme covers all reasonable medical expenses incurred by the beneficiary and his/her family. However, certain things like cosmetic treatments or non-emergency procedures may not be covered under this scheme.

Claim Procedure

Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana comes with a completely cashless process for all expenses involved in hospitalisation. Once a diagnosis is made, the network hospital will seek pre authorisation for the treatment. The beneficiary must provide the identity card issued at the time of subscribing to this cover. The hospital will proceed with the treatment after the approval is obtained.

Once the treatment is over, the hospital will forward all the documents including medical bills, discharge summary, physician certificate, etc. to the company. For smooth and transparent transaction, the claim amount is settled by transferring the amount through RTGS.

Awards won by the Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana

The awards won by the Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana designed by the government of Gujarat are:

  • SKOCH Awards for Smart Governance 2014
  • CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2013-14
  • Best Affordable Healthcare Initiative in the Healthcare summit 2016 at Jaipur
  • “Gems of Digital” India Award
  • “Best Accessible Healthcare Initiative” by ELETS

Mukhyamantri Amrutum Yojana network hospital list

A number of hospitals and dialysis centres, both public and private, are empanelled under the scheme. Here is a list of all such hospitals from where beneficiaries can enjoy coverage under the scheme.

S.No. Name of the Hospital District
Public Hospitals empanelled under Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana
1 Civil Hospital Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
2 General Hospital – Gandhinagar Gandhinagar
3 General Hospital Sola Ahmedabad
4 General Hospital, Dahod Dahod
5 Gmers General Hospital Junagadh
6 Gmers Hospital Valsad Valsad
7 Gmers Medical College & General Hospital, Gotri Vadodara
8 Gmers Medical College & Hospital, Dharpur, Patan Patan
9 Gmers Medical College Hospital Himmatnagar Sabarkantha
10 Govt. (Ch & Sc ) Spine Institute Ahmedabad
11 Guru Gobind Singh Govt Hospital Jamnagar
12 Institute Of Kidney Diseases And Research Centre Ahmedabad
13 L.G. General Hospital Ahmedabad
14 New Civil Hospital – Surat Surat
15 Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Civil Hospital, Rajkot Rajkot
16 Sheth Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital & Shcth Cmh Ahmedabad
17 Siddhapur Cancer Hospital Patan
18 Sir Takhtasinhji General Hospital – Bhavnagar Bhavnagar
19 Smt. S.C.L. Muni.Gen.Hospital Ahmedabad
20 Ssg Civil Hospital Vadodara
21 Surat Municipal Institute Of Medical Education & Research Hospital Surat
22 The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute – M.P Shah Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad
23 U. N. Mehta Institute Of Cardiology & Research Center Ahmedabad
Private Hospitals empanelled under Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana
1 “Ba” Smt. Lilaben Chimanlal Parikh Cancer Centre Navsari
2 3d Hospicare Bhavnagar
3 Aarna Superspeciality Hospital Ahmedabad
4 Aaryan Institute Of Medical Science Kutch
5 Accord Multi-Specialty Hospital – Kutch Kutch
6 Adarsh Multispeciality Hospital – Kalol Gandhinagar
7 Agrawal Hospital Patan
8 Ambujanagar Multispecialty Hospital, Kodinar Junagadh
9 Amit Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Valsad Valsad
10 Anand Surgical Hospital Ahmedabad
11 Apollo Cbcc Cancer Gandhinagar
12 Apollo Hospitals International Ltd. Gandhinagar
13 Astha Surgical Hospital, Idar Sabarkantha
14 Ayushman Surgical Hospital, Arvalli- Modasa Arvalli
15 B.T. Savani Kidney Hospital Rajkot
16 Bankers Heart & Multi-Specialty Hospital Vadodara
17 Bankers Heart Institute, Vadodara Vadodara
18 Baps Pramukh Swami Hospital, Surat Surat
19 Baroda Heart & Multispecialty Hospital Bharuch
20 Baroda Heart Institute (Cardiology Unit-Sharda Hospital) Jamnagar
21 Baroda Heart Institute & Research Centre – Baroda (Shri Ramkrupa Medicare Pvt. Ltd) Vadodara
22 Bharat Cancer Hospital Surat
23 Bodyline Hospital Ahmedabad
24 Charusat Hospital Anand
25 Christ Hospital Rajkot
26 D. Z. Patel Cardiology Center Kheda
27 Ddmm Heart Institute Kheda
28 Divine Heart & Research Hospital Bharuch
29 Dwti – Prabhu General Hospital And Bankers Heart Institute Surat
30 Gadhavi Hospital, Tharad Banaskantha
31 Galaxy Heart Institute (A Unit Of Pushti Health Care & Research Pvt., Ltd.) Mehsana
32 Gcs Medical College, Hospital & Research Center Ahmedabad
33 Global Long Life Hospital And Research Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad
34 Goenka Hospital Gandhinagar
35 Gujarat Adani Institute Of Medical Sciences, G. K. General Hospital Kutch
36 H. J. Doshi Hospital Rajkot
37 Hanumant Hospital, Managed By Narayana Health Bhavnagar
38 Haria L. G. Rotary Hospital Valsad
39 Hcg Cancer Center, Vadodara Vadodara
40 Hcg Hospital Bhavnagar Bhavnagar
41 Hcg Hospitals (A Unit Of Healthcare Global Enterprise Limited) Ahmedabad
42 Himalaya Cancer Hospital And Research Centre Vadodara
43 J. B. General Hospital, Aniyad Panchmahal
44 J. K. Orthopaedic Hospital Sabarkantha
45 Jaydeep Hospital Ahmedabad
46 Jivan Jyot Charitable Trust, Patan Janta Hospital-Patan Patan
47 Kailash Cancer Hospital And Research Center Vadodara
48 Kakadiya Hospital Ahmedabad
49 Kalp Hospital Junagadh
50 Kasturba Hospital, (Kasturba Vaidkiya Rahat Mandal) Valsad
51 Kiran Multi Super Specialty Hospital & Research Center, Surat Surat
52 Krishna Multispeciality Hospital Morbi
53 Krishna Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad
54 Krishna Surgical Hospital, Dehgam Gandhinagar
55 Life Care Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad
56 Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital Surat
57 Lions General Hospital Mehsana
58 Mavjat Multispeciality Hospital Banaskantha
59 Medistar Hospital Sabarkantha
60 Metas Of Seventh – Day Adventist Hospital Surat
61 Modi Children Hospital & Nirmal Critical Care Center, Vyara Tapi
62 Mrk Lions Orthopedic & Mpp General Hospital Navsari
63 Mundra Institute Of Medical Science – Kutch Kutch
64 N. M. Virani Wockhardt Hospital, Rajkot Rajkot
65 Nadkarni Hospital Valsad
66 Naik Super Specialty Hospital Vadodara
67 Narayana Hrudayalaya Pvt.Ltd Ahmedabad
68 Neuro 1 Stroke And Critical Care Institute Ahmedabad
69 Orange Hospital Navsari
70 P P Savani Heart Institute & Multispeciality Hospital Surat
71 Pagarav Hospital And Icu Pvt. Ltd. Gandhinagar
72 Parul Sevashram Hospital Vadodara
73 Pranayam Lung & Heart Institute, Vadodara Vadodara
74 Premdas Jalaram Hospital Vadodara
75 Premswarup Swami Multi-Specialty Hospital (Psm) Gandhinagar
76 Pushpa Children Hospital & Critical Care Center Ahmedabad
77 Radhika General Hospital Amreli
78 Rajasthan Hospitals Ahmedabad
79 Rajkot Cancer Society & Allied Hospitals Rajkot
80 Rhythm Heart Institute Dahod
81 Rhythm Heart Institute, Vadodara Vadodara
82 Saachi Children Hospital Surat
83 Sadbhavna Hospital Rajkot
84 Sal Hospital Ahmedabad
85 Sangam Multi-Specialty Hospital, Bodeli Chhotaudepur
86 Sanjivani Super Specialty Hospital Ahmedabad
87 Sardar Patel Hospital, Ankleshwar Bharuch
88 Saviour Hospital Ahmedabad
89 Schvijk Hospital & Research Center Vadodara
90 Sgvp Holistic Hospital, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
91 Shalby Hospital – Naroda Ahmedabad
92 Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospital, Surat Surat
93 Shaleen Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Shaleen Radiotherapy Cancer Center) And Spandan Emergency & Critical Care Hospital (Spandan Hospital) Ahmedabad
94 Shankus Medicity Hospital Mehsana
95 Shifa Multi-Speciality Hospital Ahmedabad
96 Shree Jalaram Raghukul Sarvajanik Hospital Rajkot
97 Shree Krishna Hospital & Medical Research Center, Karamsad Anand
98 Shreeji Hospital & Trauma Care Center Vadodara
99 Shreemad Rajchandra Hospital Valsad
100 Shri B D Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute Surat
101 Shri Devaraj bhai Bavabhai Tejani Cancer Institute, Managed By Lions Cancer Detection Center Trust Surat
102 Shri M. M. Parikh Cardiac Care Centre Anand
103 Shrimati Jayaben Modi Hospital Bharuch
104 Sita Hospital Surat
105 Smt. S.C. & Sheth D.M. Sarvajanik Hospital, Gozaria Mehsana
106 Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital Rajkot
107 Sterling Cancer Hospital Vadodara
108 Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
109 Sterling Hospital, Rajkot Rajkot
110 Sterling Hospital, Vadodara Vadodara
111 Sterling Ramkrishna Speciality Hospital Kutch
112 Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Vadodara
113 Sunshine Global Hospital Surat
114 Sunshine Global Hospital, Vadodara Vadodara
115 Svayambhu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad
116 Tricolour Hospital, Vadodara Vadodara
117 Tristar Hospital Surat
118 Unicare Heart Institute And Research Center Surat
119 Unicare Hospital Rajkot
120 Unity Trauma Center And Icu Surat
121 Vijay Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad
122 Viroc Hospital Vadodara
123 Welcare Hospital, Vadodara Vadodara
124 Yashfeen Cardiac Hospital Navsari
125 Yesha Super Speciality Hospital Navsari
126 Zydus Hospital Anand
Public Dialysis Centres empanelled under Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana
1 Amreli General Hospital – Amreli
2 Banaskantha General Hospital – Palanpur
3 Bharuch General Hospital – Bharuch
4 Dang General Hospital, Ahwa- Dang
5 Devbhoomi Dwarka General Hospital – Jamkhambhadia
6 Kheda Civil Hospital- Nadiad
7 Mehsana General Hospital – Mehsana
8 Mehsana Chc Hospital – Kadi
9 Mehsana Cottage Hospital – Unjha
10 Mehsana General Hospital – Visnagar
11 Morbi General Hospital – Morbi
12 Narmada General Hospital – Rajpipla
13 Navsari Civil Hospital- Navsari
14 Panchmahal General Hospital – Godhara
15 Patan General Hospital – Siddhpur
16 Porbandar Civil Hospital, Porbandar
17 Rajkot Pkg Hospital
18 Rajkot Government Hospital, Jetpur
19 Rajkot Sub-District Hospital, Upleta
20 Rajkot Sub-District Hospital, Gondal
21 Sabarkantha General Hospital – Khedbrahmbha
22 Surendranagar Civil Hospital- Limbadi
23 Surendranagar Mg Hospital
24 Tapi General Hospital – Vyara
25 Valsad State Hospital Dharampur
Public Dialysis Centres empanelled under Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana
1 Aagman Dialysis Center Himmatnagar, Sabarkantha
2 Avishkar Dialysis Center, Himmatnagar Himmatnagar, Sabarkantha
3 C. V. Shah Dialysis Center, Halol Panchmahal
4 Desai Hospital, Palanpur Banaskantha
5 Gram Seva Trust Hospital, Gandevi Navsari
6 Gram Seva Trust Hospital, Gandevi Navsari
7 Health & Care Foundation Ahmedabad
8 Janak Smarak Hospital – Managed By Shree B. J. Patel Vaidkiya Trust, Vyara Tapi
9 Kidney Health Hospital Ahmedabad
10 Krishna Dialysis Center, Modasa Arvalli
11 L & T Health And Dialysis Center, Surat Surat
12 Lions Karnavati Shantaben Vishnubhai Patel Eye Hospital- Ognaj Ahmedabad
13 Lnm Group Lions Hospital & Research Centre Bhuj
14 Maheshwari Dialysis Center, Surat Surat
15 Mavani Kidney Care Dialysis Center Ahmedabad
16 Navjivan Hospital Amreli
17 Ramkrishna Paramhansa Hospital Vadodara
18 Saboo Kidney Care Bhavnagar
19 Sangani Hospital, Keshod Junagadh
20 Sangani Hospital, Veraval Gir Somnath
21 Shree Anandabava Netra Chikitsalaya Kidney Dialysis Center Jamnagar
22 Shree Lallubhai Sheth Arogya Mandir, Savarkundla Amreli
23 Shree M. B. Patel Sarvajanik Hospital, Isanpur Mota, Gandhinagar Gandhinagar
24 Shree Mehta Sarvajanik Hospital Gir Somnath
25 Smitaben V. Shah Dialysis Center Managed By Sadvichar Parivar, Godhra Panchmahal
26 Upasana Kidney Hospital Mehsana
27 Vagad Welfare Hospital, Bhachau Kutch
28 Zaveri Mangalji Vamalshi Dispensary Palanpur, Banaskantha

This unique health insurance scheme will provide financial aid to all those individuals who could not afford to get treatments. Such people need not let their illnesses get worse thanks to the Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana by the government of Gujarat.


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