Kisan Suryodaya Yojana

By | October 21, 2020

Kisan Suryodaya Yojana

Gujarat Energy Minister Saurabh Patel has made an important announcement today. Good news for farmers. Let’s find out what he has to say.

The best news ever for Gujarat farmers
Now farmers will get electricity even during the day.

State Energy Minister Saurabh Patel made this important announcement
Cabinet Minister Saurabh Patel held a press conference and gave important news to the farmers. “Farmers will now get electricity during the day,” he said.

17.25 lakh farmers in the state will get electricity on a daily basis.

Has announced to provide electricity to farmers during the day.

An important plan has been announced to provide electricity for farming during the day. 17.25 lakh farmers have electricity connection. There was a demand from farmers to provide electricity during the day. PM will inaugurate Kisan Sarvodaya Yojana. 17.25 lakh farmers in the state will get electricity during the day. The scheme will be completed in two or three years.

Which villages will get how many hours of electricity

The power will be provided from 5 am to 9 pm, the energy minister added. 11 to 13 thousand mega watts of electricity is required for electricity during the day. Electricity will be provided to 220 villages of Junagadh during the day. Electricity will be provided to 143 villages of Gir Somnath during the day. It will provide electricity to 692 villages of Dahod during the day.

How far is the electricity during the day?

  • It will take 3 years to set up a structure to provide electricity to farmers on a daily basis
  • The government is to set up a new structure for the Kisan Suryodaya Yojana
  • The Gujarat government has provided Rs 3500 crore in the 2020-21 budget
  • Rs 3500 crore is to be spent in the next 3 years to build the structure
    The government plans to implement the scheme in phases in 3 years
  • The government has yet to come up with a system that can carry electricity
  • The scheme does not fit into the existing power carrying structure
  • The government will have to replace 20 lines of 220 KV transmission Work progresses after laying 1 line of 132 KV transmission
    233 lines have to be laid in the state of 66 KV transmission 3817 circuit kilometer line will have to be constructed from 254 transmission
    220 KV substation 10 and 132 KV substation 1M will have to build a total of 11 substations
  • The government has already announced the scheme
  • The government will have to work on the land effectively for 3 years to provide electricity to the farmers on a daily basis


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