Innovative initiative by Gujarat University

By | March 27, 2020

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Innovative initiative by Gujarat University.

Ration given to employees of Unique Initiatives, Classes 3 and 4 by Gujarat University.

In the wake of the lockdown in Gujarat, ordinary citizens are getting some havoc for ration and necessities of life.

Gujarat University’s unique initiative

Ration given to employees of Class-III and Class-IV

Rationed for up to 10 days

Core virus is shocking in the world. In India, a 21-day lockdown has been ordered. In Gujarat too, 44 ​​cases of Corona have been positive and 3 people have been killed so far while Gujarat University has taken a commendable initiative.

10 days ration has been given to Class 3 and Class 4 officers at Gujarat University. Due to which, this employee and his family will have no problem.

Ration that can last up to 10 days

The university has done a unique job at the request of the Chancellor. Initiatives have been made to not harass employees.

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