Gujarat schedule cast loan scheme 2020By corporationgujarat schedule cast loan scheme 2020

By | March 22, 2020

Gujarat schedule cast loan scheme 2020By corporationgujarat schedule cast loan scheme 2020.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Corona virus at 8 pm on Thursday night, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on the Corona virus made a statement that people should follow the instructions given by the government. Avoid crowds until they become. Instead of shaking hands, say hello. Also want help at 104 helpline number. The people of Gujarat need not panic. Just need to be a little careful. The system and the government are fully equipped to assemble a bath against Corona.
Currently there are two cases registered in the state, but both of them came from abroad. All those people who have come in contact are being screened. The government is making arrangements to prevent corona virus from spreading in Gujarat. Several major decisions have been taken.
Chief Minister Rupani said that two cases of corona virus have been registered positive in the state. While the cases have been infected due to foreign travel, their families and acquaintances have also been monitored. In this case, now the government is closing all important public places till March 31, taking all precautionary measures now. The health system of the state is well equipped. Together we will fight against this epidemic and defeat it.
When the public appealed to the curfew on Sunday, state CM Vijay Rupani said that an order for ST and BRTS closure has been issued on Sunday. The public protested that ST and BRTS were closed in support of the curfew. On Sunday, people follow the public curfew.
All government transport system will be closed. The state curfew will be tightly implemented next Sunday in the state. ST in the state under the public curfew. City bus facility and all other transportation will be closed. Ahmedabad’s AMTS and BRTS facilities will also be closed on public curfew. At 5pm, people knock, ring or clap and come forward to convey the message that the country is one in the fight against the corona virus’
It is worth mentioning here that Prime Minister Narendra Modi contacted the corona virus today at 8 pm on Thursday night. He said it was important. He emphasized the importance of resolve and restraint in the fight against the global epidemic.
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