Girnar Ropeway Launch 24 october

By | October 22, 2020
The final op is being given to Girnar ropeway. Preparations are in full swing for the unveiling on November 9 and experts have been called in by Usha Braco Company for the trial of the trolley. The team for this has arrived from Austria. It is learned that a team of experts from Austria has reached Junagadh to give the final touches to Girnar ropeway and for testing. Preparations for the ropeway are currently underway.
The vigilance of everyone involved in the operation is being maintained

The Girnar ropeway, which is 2.3 km long at an altitude of 900 m above the ground, will take only 8 to 10 minutes to reach Ambaji. It will save time and energy of the pilgrims. Junagadh Girnar ropeway will soon be the center of attraction in the world tourism map. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate it by the end of next May. At the same time, there is speculation as to how the accused will bow down at the Ambaji Mata temple at Girnar on his first trip. While the possibility of dignitaries including Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to inaugurate this largest project in Asia is being discussed in basic sources.

The rap way being prepared for devotees who want to visit Girnar, a major pilgrimage destination in Gujarat, is likely to be opened on October 17. The then Chief Minister and the present Prime Minister, who laid the foundation stone of the project in 2007, are expected to be present to unveil the ropeway. Rs 1.10 crore has been spent on this ropeway. It can be carried from sea level to an altitude of about 3500 to 3700 meters with the help of rope vane. Approximately 16 cabins will be connected to this ropeway. This cabin can accommodate up to 16 people at a time. The pilgrim will reach the top in just nine minutes after the ropeway starts.

What is a ropeway ticket?

A ropeway ticket costs around Rs. 700 is likely to be kept. Pilgrims carry Rs.4000 to Rs.5000 per person. Against him Rs. 700 return tickets are expected to be issued. It is learned that the government is ready to set up shop in the same area to compensate the elderly and infirm pilgrims for the damage caused by it.

The team from Austria to escape Corona will not meet the locals
The team will now return only after a final rope-way trial. Until then they will stay here. However, members of the team were found to have escaped from Corona on the condition of not meeting any locals and not allowing anyone to come near. According to information received, Usha Braco has signed a technical guidance agreement with an Austrian company for the Girnar ropeway.
More labor will be required at Girnar once the ropeway begins
The flow of pilgrims will increase after the Girnar ropeway starts. People have to stand at the food stalls for footpaths on the way to their destination. This will increase the consumption of goods and will require more labor to deliver it. At present, ropeway is only allowed for pilgrims. Not approved for goods. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. In particular, the traffic between Ambaji to Jain Derasar and Ambaji to Guru Dattatreya is likely to increase significantly.
  • (1) Trolley with Glass Flooring that can seat 2 passengers
  • (3) The longest ropeway in Asia … Length of ropeway is 3.15 km
  •  (2) The speed of the trolley is five meters per second
  • (2) A distance of 2 seconds between two trolleys
  •  (2) After leaving the lower station, one trolley will move 211 meters and then another trolley will depart.
  •  () Carrying 200 pilgrims in one hour
  •  (2) 3.5 minutes from Lower Station to Upper Station
  •  (2) The ropeway will meet from sunrise to sunset.
  •  (5) Ambaji temple has a maximum wind speed of 120 kmph.
  • (10) A heavy trolley is made to maintain the balance of the trolley amidst the fast blowing wind.
  • (11) The ropeway has a total of nine towers. Its height is equal to 6 to 7 storey building.
  • (12) The distance of ropeway from lower station to upper station is 2150 meters.
  • (12) After the ropeway, the number of pilgrims coming to Junagadh will increase by 3 million annually

Certain industries and factories have been allowed to operate as per the guidelines of the Central and State Governments. Pursuant to which, the work of Girnar ropeway project, the most ambitious project of the entire Sorath, has been resumed. Girnar Development Authority member and BJP leader Pradeepbhai Khimania, former director of Tradham Development Board Yogendrasinh Padhiar were present on the occasion. An estimated 15-20 per cent work of the ropeway project is still pending. Workers and company officials working on the scheme have been at Junagadh and the site since the lockdown was announced. Adequate care was taken by the company for their stay and meals. The operation has been started by talking to foreign engineers through video calling and getting guidance.

The vigilance of everyone involved in the operation is being maintain

Safety measures such as sanitizer with a sanitizer every two hours, measuring the temperature of each with a gun, as well as a physical examination of each by a doctor and the entry and mobile number of each outsider are noted. On this occasion, the leaders present visited the saints Mahamandleshwar Bhartibapu, Shernath Bapu and Indrabharati Bapu of Bhavnath region and informed them about this work.

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