Get complete guidance on how to get a loan of up to one lakh

By | May 22, 2020

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Get complete guidance on how to get a loan of up to one lakh 


Five thousand crore self-sufficient Gujarat assistance has been announced to rehabilitate small shopkeepers, individual professionals, barber, tailor, plumbing, electrician, rake or ferryman from the state of lockdown. Under this scheme, Rs. Loans up to Rs 1 lakh will be provided by co-operative banks, urban co-operative banks and credit societies for three years at just 3 per cent interest. Six per cent interest on such loans is to be borne by the state government. Distribution of Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana forms has started from today. It is to be distributed at more than 3000 branches across the state.

1) Who will get the benefit?

Small and middle class traders, self-employed people like shopkeepers, hawkers, rickshaw pullers, plumbers etc.

3) When will I get the form?

Will be available free of cost from the institutions determined from 31-9-2050.

2) Which institutions can give loan?

District Cooperative Bank. Urban Co-op Bank. Credit Co-op Societies.

2) Rules introduced by the government?

– Must not be an employee of Central Government, State Government, Local Authority.

– Not having employees of any bank.

– Government / semi-government institutions should not have contract based jobs.

– People doing the same business as on 01-01-2050 can apply for a loan.

3) How to repay the loan?

The loan will be given for three years. In which loan will be given at the interest rate of Rs. Out of which 3% interest will have to be borne by the State Government and 2% interest rate. No installment will have to be paid till 6 months after the commencement of the loan. After 6 months, 30 equal installments have to be paid.

3) Last date to apply?

Forms in this regard can be submitted to the form bank by 31-09-2050. All applications will be disposed of by 31-10-2050. The loan amount will be available by 15-11-2050.

3) What documents have to be provided for this?

– Aadhaar card – Rationing card

– Election card – Last electricity bill

– Xerox of bank passbook – Proof of business or letter of guarantee

– Keep 2-3 copies of each.


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